a review of his illness, controversies and new popularity polls

a review of his illness, controversies and new popularity polls
a review of his illness, controversies and new popularity polls

After seven decades in the shadow of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the crown prince left this role behind to crowned king on May 6, 2023. It was a historic day that was celebrated in Westminster Abbey with more than 2,000 guests and included different leaders from around the world and members of royal houses, such as Kings Felipe VI and Letizia, to witness this historic date.

Illness hits the British Royal Family

But not even a year had passed since his coronation when an earthquake in the form of a disease It triggered all the alerts about the monarch’s health. On January 17, Buckingham announced that King Charles III was receiving treatment for a benign enlargement of the prostate and added that his public commitments would be postponed during his recovery. It was a blow for the monarch since he had just assumed his role as king.

Just a few weeks later and after numerous rumors, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonpublished a video that would go around the world announcing that he also has cancer that had been detected last January after undergoing abdominal surgery.

“The surgery was successful. However, post-operative tests They found there was cancer. Therefore, my medical team recommended that I undergo to preventive chemotherapy treatment and now I am in the first stages of that treatment,” he explained in front of the camera.

British royalty fight for an image of normality

Despite his illness, Charles III has tried to live up to the throne being transparent—as far as possible—and conveying an image of normality with public appearances that are becoming more frequent.

At the end of March, we were able to see the king with his wife Camilla at the Easter mass at Windsor Castle, where The monarch was smiling and looking good. A week ago they visited the Macmillan Cancer Center and one day after this visit, the kings examined the ‘Coronation Scroll’ that contained the official record of their coronation on twenty-one meters of vegan paper chosen by the King himself, deciding to break tradition of using animal skin vellum.

Carlos III, more loved than ever

But not everything has been bad news in these twelve months of reign. According to the latest survey carried out on the occasion of the first anniversary of his coronation, Charles III has shown an increase in popularity among followers along with Camila, with 56% and 46% appreciation respectively. The survey also concludes that The monarchy remains the public’s favorite option.

For her part, Queen Camilla’s popularity has also increased. But, without a doubt, the person who has boosted her level of appreciation the most has been the princess of waleswith 10 more points than a year ago, which puts her at the head, along with her husband, of the members of the Royal House.

Possible reunion with Prince Harry

Prince Harry will return to London this coming Wednesdaythis time without his wife or children, to participate in the Invictus Games, held at St Paul’s Cathedral to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Duke of Sussex’s most personal project to help rehabilitate war veterans with some type of disability.

during this trip A new meeting between the prince and his father is not ruled out. In fact, according to the British press, it has been mentioned that Harry would be interested in seeing his father, after maintaining little relationship in recent months.

On Wednesday, while the prince attends the Invictus commemoration event, Charles III will participate in Buckingham Palace’s first garden party of the year. According to the agenda, the two would finish their respective commitments around six in the afternoon, which would allow them, according to ‘The Sun’, to meet again after several months of absence.

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