The two actresses from “Everything for my daughter” who are family in real life and worked together

Beren Gökyildiz continues to captivate all Argentines with her impeccable acting skills and, despite her young age, we can say that we have seen her grow through the small screen thanks to Telefe. Although she currently delights us by giving life to “Melissa”, a Turkish series broadcast from Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. on the Pelotitas channel, she previously made us fall in love with her leading roles as Öykü in “My daughter” and Melek / Turn on “All for my daughter“.

Vahide Perçin, Beren Gökyildiz and Cansu Dere on the cover of “Everything for my daughter”.

Regarding this last melodramatic narrative, far from delving into the incredible performances of the little actress, we will focus on two of her castmates who are family in real life and worked together on several Turkish soap operas: Vahide Perçin and Alize Gördüm, who played Gönül (Zeynep’s biological mother) and Gamze (one of Zeynep’s sisters) respectively. The latter, a role played by actress Cansu Dere.

Gamze, Duru and Cahide, Zeynep’s sisters and adoptive mother in fiction.

Vahide Perçin and Alize Gördüm, mother and daughter in real life who acted together in “Everything for my daughter”

Beyond the moving maternal plot that this Ottoman production has, Vahide Perçin and Alize Gördüm are mother and daughter in the real world and share scenes from two very different places in fiction: one as Melek’s “grandmother” and another as the girl’s “aunt” due to her fictitious relationship with Zeynep.

Postcard of Vahide Perçin and Alize Gördüm together.

The two actresses of “All for my daughter“They are very close not only in their personal lives due to their blood ties, but also by sharing different recordings in the world of acting. In fact, currently in their country of origin they are broadcasting “Aldatmak”, “The Betrayal” every Thursday translated into Spanish, a television series in which they also share scenes.

Mother and daughter in a photograph that the young actress recently shared on her Instagram.

Alize Gördüm was born three decades ago as the fruit of the extinct love between Vahide Perçin and Altan Gördüm, two renowned and prestigious actors from Turkey, so the girl did not hesitate to make her way in the acting world like her well-known parents. A nice surprise for viewers who did not know this fabulous true story, because who would have thought that the “clumsy lady”, as Turna affectionately calls in “All for my daughter“to Gönül, she would be Gamze’s real mother.

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