With a photo production in a 5-star hotel: Susana Giménez prepares her great return to television

With a photo production in a 5-star hotel: Susana Giménez prepares her great return to television
With a photo production in a 5-star hotel: Susana Giménez prepares her great return to television

Susana Giménez was at the Four Seasons for her return to television this year (Photos/RS Photos)

This 2024 will mark The return of Susana Gimenez to Telefe, after two years without a screen and five without its weekly cycle. The driver is already in the country, after resting in Miamito begin preparations for his return to television, which was announced at the event UpFrontTelefe. In this context, the diva went through the Four Seasons to record the promotions that will be part of their comeback.

As seen in the images that illustrate this note, the host was photographed this Friday around 4 p.m., when she arrived at the hotel in her car, driven by her longtime driver, Marcelo, and accompanied by her wardrobe and makeup artist. Dressed in black and with a feather coat, “the telephone diva” was in good spirits, while she was received with a bouquet of yellow roses by Gabriel Oliverimarketing director of the Four Seasons.

As far as he could know Teleshow, Susana moved there to produce the photo production that will accompany her during this television season. From her surroundings they confirmed to this medium that her return is designed for the end of the second half of 2024. The diva’s desire is to return to her usual format, betting on interviews, games and musicals; after taking charge of LOL Argentina (Last One Laughing)a program in which comedians from all over the country participated and that was seen on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

The diva arrived at the hotel with her driver and with her costumer and makeup artist for a production at the five-star hotel.

Two days ago, in an interview with Angel de Brito, The host had longed for her return to the small screen. “First you have to finish the America Cup, because they have that. Then we see. Tomorrow I have the meeting at home with everyone,” she said two days ago when she chatted with THE M. There, in addition, he ruled out the possibility of making his program broadcast daily. “No! Do you want to kill me? You’re crazy. Lately, I do it on Sundays. “The last four years it was on Sundays,” she said with surprise.

And he continued: “I’ll die if I do it like this. In addition, there is not much money to do it daily. Let’s all make a sacrifice“, he pointed out in reference to the economic factor when making television productions. “Is Susana adjusting too?” the chronicler asked. “Everyone is adjusting, the channel, the sponsors… it’s difficult. Without them you cannot make television, as Mirtha says, who is always right,” the diva was sincere.

Is there a possibility of a television encounter with ‘La Chiqui’?“, asked the journalist from the Ángel de Brito cycle, about whether a meeting could take place between the two. “No. Not on television, but I always watch it. Some years we did, but we never talked about it yet. She is doing many things. Now she is also doing Juana’s thing. It just can’t be. It would have to be the other way around. I love her, I admire her deeply“, he pointed.

With a total black look and a feather coat, “the telephone diva” posed for the cameras before entering the hotel

On Wednesday, at an event led by Iván de Pineda and Josefina The China Ansa, Tele’s programming for 2024 was presented. Among the news, in addition to the return of the diva, a new season of Bake Off Argentina with Wanda Nara at the helm. The thing is, after debuting in driving with MasterChef Argentinathe businesswoman will take charge of the pastry chef reality show that Paula Chaves used to lead.

In addition, the return of Underground fiction was announced with The long haired stranger, of which only the title was released; the debut of Survivor: Expedition Robinson, Alejandro Marley’s delayed reality show; the CONMEBOL Copa América 2024; and the qualifiers for the classification of the next 2026 FIFA World Cup, with comments and stories by Juan Pablo Varsky and Pablo Giralt.

Also, it was presented The way home, a Spanish interview format that Cristina Pérez will conduct. For his part, Santiago del Moro announced the final of Big Brother 2023 and a new delivery of the Martín Fierro Awards 2024.

Gabriel Oliveri, marketing director of the Four Seasons, welcomed Susana with a huge bouquet of yellow roses

Photos: RS Photos

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