Coté López revealed possible reconciliation with the “Mago” Jiménez – Publimetro Chile

Coté López revealed possible reconciliation with the “Mago” Jiménez – Publimetro Chile
Coté López revealed possible reconciliation with the “Mago” Jiménez – Publimetro Chile

Recently, the well-known influencer and cosmetics entrepreneur, Maria Jose Lopezpopularly known as “Coté” López, took the time to chat with her followers based on the “question box” dynamic. The netizens did not waste time and asked him at once about his relationship with Luis Jiménez.

It should be noted that a few months ago it was rumored that the marriage had been permanently dissolved, however, neither of the two has confirmed this information.


Now, the businesswoman incorporated a “question box” to answer the questions of her followers. Her fans took the opportunity to ask her about her clothing collection “Be Active” and her makeup brand “CLo”, but as expected, they also took the time to throw questions at her.

At the beginning, a follower made her see that she looked happier and with “less sad face,” to which Coté pointed out: “Yes my people, I am calmer, happier, more me. It has nothing to do with what you think.”.

In this regard, he explained that “these are health problems that have occurred in my family, which were well followed; the death of a loved one, a lot of things.”

Immediately, she was asked about “if what they say on TV” about her is real, to which the influencer did not hesitate to highlight that “Everything that comes out is blackmail”indicating that unless she demonstrates the facts, they are not real.

“Are you still with Luchini?”

Not satisfied with the dynamic, the well-known TV face decided to do an Instagram “live” to relax more with her fans. As expected, they did not hesitate to ask about her current situation with Luis Jiménez, to whom she has been married for 18 years.

“What we really want to know… Are you still with Luchini?”they threw at the influencer.

“My people, last time I said, after I spoke, I said: ‘I don’t make mistakes twice,’ but everything is fine my people, everything is fine.”responded the businesswoman, in relation to previous situations in which she went out to communicate about her personal life, as she implied, now she wanted to be more modest with what she said or did not say.

“Tell me how your life is going. Are you back with Luis or are you single?”asked another.

“Not my people, I’m not single.”said López, surprising those who were connected to the live.

“You have to get the news from me, not from the press, because all the news I read from the press I say what a shame, because they say things that do not exist,” he indicated.

“Don’t believe anything they say on TV, because everything is blackmail,” the businesswoman concluded, shedding light on a possible reconciliation with Luis.

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