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Emme has become an icon

The artist wants to go on tour with her twin children

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    • 05/11/2024 19:10
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The ’s twins While Marc Anthony has adopted very different positions. While Maximilian has rejected the fame of his last name, Emme has become a reference for the LGTBI community and an icon for Generation Z. Thanks to his media power, he has given visibility to transgender people.

Emme is very current because she has made a getaway to Paris with her mother. The actress and singer has just triumphed at the MET gala in New York, where she served as host alongside , Elsa Pataky, Bad Bunny and Zendaya. Just before Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States, the artist has taken a flight to France to spend a few days with Emme.

Jennifer Lopez with Emme in Paris. (Photo: Gtres)

They have been seen by the streets of paris: enjoying the cultural offerings of the city, purchasing typical products and living a normal life, as if they were two more tourists. With a clear difference: both Emme and Jennifer are two stars. That is why it has emerged that they had lunch in Loulou, one of the restaurants of the moment. They also visited the Louvre Museum and they had some refreshments when they finished the excursion.

Emme’s big change

As it could not be otherwise, many have noticed the great change that Emme has made. Before delving into the aesthetic aspect, we must point out the important work that she has carried out to give visibility to transgender people. Emme is completely free and this freedom has served as a source of inspiration to many people.. She is already 16 years old and his footsteps have left their mark.

Emme, daughter Jennifer Lopez, Emme transgender,
Jennifer Lopez with Emme in Paris. (Photo: Gtres)

Emme has always opted for urban style, although with small modifications. She is getting closer to adulthood and it is very easy to draw a great physical resemblance to her mother, the singer Marc Anthony. It should be noted that she has a very good relationship with her stepbrothers, her children. Ben Affleck, who separated from Jennifer Lopez in 2022.

To visit Paris, Emme chose a plaid shirt and short jeans with which he intended to counteract the high temperatures. As a complement, he put on some helmets. It is evident that his style has been adapting to trends.

For its part, Jennifer Lopez opted for a very similar look. She changed the shirt for a white crop top and gave a sophisticated touch to the outfit by using a bag. a Lady Dior bag Green color.

Jennifer Lopez’s proposal to her twins

Emme, jennifer lopez tour emme,
Emme, with her mother Jennifer Lopez. (Photo: Gtres)

Jennifer Lopez is about to start her summer tour and seeing the talent that her twins have, she has proposed that they travel with her, but she is still waiting for a response. He insists that they would have time to do everything, which is why he considers it positive that they are company with him on this adventure.

«I thought: They have to come throughout the month of July. You can go to camp and do whatever you want with your friends in June. Then at the end of August, right before school starts, they can come back and hang out with their friends again. But They should come with mom for a little while». At the moment it is not known if the artist will achieve this challenge or everything will remain a dream.

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