Prince Harry rejects a symbolic offer from his father, King Charles III


The Duke of Sussex and King Charles III have not seen each other on Harry’s last trip to the United Kingdom

The relationship between Harry and the Windsors continues to be marked by tensions

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    • 05/13/2024 09:31
    • Updated: 05/13/2024 09:31

The last journey of prince harry The United Kingdom has been marked by controversy. The Duke of Sussex arrived in London last week to participate in a series of engagements related to the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games but, despite the fact that it was initially thought that he would take the opportunity to hold a meeting with his father, King Charles III , after he has resumed his official agenda after months in cancer treatment, the truth is that this meeting has not occurred.

Sources close to prince harry They declared that the Duke of Sussex would not see his father, due to scheduling problems, without going into further details. Information that set off all the alarms, especially after the hasty trip that Harry made to the United Kingdom after learning that the monarch had cancer.

Prince Harry, at an event in London. (Photo: Gtres)

Buckingham Palace did not officially comment on the issue, something common in the monarchy’s policy. However, some sources close to the Crown have revealed that, although there was no meeting between father and son, the monarch did make an offer to his youngest son. In this case, Charles III suggested that Harry spend the night in one of the royal residences, with all that that entails. An offer that, as it has emerged, the Duke of Sussex rejected, and he preferred to stay in a hotel.

A situation that is reminiscent of what happened on one of the Duke of Sussex’s last trips, less than a year ago, when he contacted his father’s team to stay in one of the Crown residences, but was refused. He denied the possibility, because the monarch was in Scotland and there were not enough staff. However, he was asked to will travel to Balmoral Castle and stayed there, although he refused, as happened this time.

Contradictory versions

As sources close to the monarchy have pointed out in statements to Sunday Times, King Charles III, aware that Harry no longer has an official residence in the United Kingdom, agreed to the possibility of him staying at another of the Crown properties. However, the Duke of Sussex preferred to stay in a hotel.

King Charles III, Prince Harry
King Charles III, in a car in London. (Photo: Gtres)

That same Tuesday, as soon as he arrived in London, a spokesman for the prince said that there would be no meeting with King Charles III, due to his intense schedule. Information that has been corroborated by friends close to the duke, who have said that he made an effort to see the monarch. Something that probably would have been very simple if Harry had stayed in an official residence, since the meeting could have taken place informally, without the need for it to become public.

However, while the Sources close to Harry say the duke made efforts to arrange a meetinga person close to the monarch has commented to the same newspaper that Harry never asked to see his father and that he did not even invite him to the Invictus Games celebration event, where several of his mother’s family members were.

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