The reason why Frederick and Mary of Denmark are so worried about their daughter Isabella

The reason why Frederick and Mary of Denmark are so worried about their daughter Isabella
The reason why Frederick and Mary of Denmark are so worried about their daughter Isabella

Isabella (17 years old) is the second daughter of Frederick and Mary of Denmark and, therefore, second in line of succession to the Danish throne behind her brother Christian. For years, the young woman has been relegated to the background, but in recent months she has gained prominence not only in regards to her public appearances but also to her life outside the Crown.

Many see her as the heir to her mother’s style, but she is his role in the social network Tik Tok which has generated a great revolution in Denmark and has triggered the concern of his parentsright now that they are in the middle of their first international tour as kings.

Both Federico and Mary are very close to their four children and for them their well-being is paramount. Since they were children, they have fought to have as normal a childhood as possible, away from the media spotlight. Something that would have come to an end with his accession to the throne last January. A few weeks ago it was Christian who was the star of a scandal after being caught in a nightclub kissing a girl in the wee hours of the morning, and now it is his sister Isabella who has made the headlines in the Danish press.

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Now that Isabella is in her teens, things are starting to get complicated. At 17 years old and like any young woman her age is enjoying time with friends, the problem comes when those images are accessible to everyone.

Isabella from Denmark, Tik Tok star

With the permission of Leonor and Sofía, Isabella is one of the young royals who arouses the most interest among the press. It was no secret that the princess had a personal Instagram and Tik Tok profile, but a few days ago all the content was made public.

In the dozens of videos that Isabella stars in with her group of friends, she appears very enjoying following fashion trends with great grace. For the first time, we see her with a very natural and relaxed attitude away from the strict protocol of the Royal House.

Tik Tok

Her outfits also catch our attention since in all of them she uses very youthful and comfortable clothes, nothing to do with the haute couture looks she wears in her institutional appearances.

Although Federico and Mary support the freedom in which their daughter lives, according to the local press they would be concerned about the way in which this could affect their image and that of the Crown. Especially now that they are not there to speak directly with Isabella, who seems completely unaware of the controversy.

The last time we saw the young woman was four months ago during the events marking the Proclamation of Frederick X as King of Denmark. She is focused on her studies at the Oregard Gymnasium, it will not be until next year when the young woman begins her university training. Despite being an active member of the Royal House, Isabella does not have a personal agenda. Who knows if, with the arrival of her parents to the throne, she will multiply her public appearances.

Federico and Mary from Denmark celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in Norway

This little scandal has caught Federico and Mary away from home. On May 2, the royal couple embarked on the Dannebrog yacht to begin their first international tour as kings, a journey that will take them to Sweden and Norway. As the Royal Family has confirmed, it will be on May 14, coinciding with their 20th wedding anniversary, when the couple arrives in Oslo. There they will be received by kings Harald and Sonia, as well as crown princes Haakon and Mette-Marit.

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