Jamie Lee Curtis regrets having made a B-movie classic: “The biggest garbage ever”

The great figures of Hollywood also have their fiascos, films that they are not proud of for one reason or another. And if Schwarzenegger or Tarantino recognize their own fiascos, another star like Jamie Lee Curtis He also has something to regret. So much so, that the Oscar winner for ‘Everything at once everywhere‘starred’Virus‘, a 1999 science fiction film that the actress herself considers “the precursor of current Marvel movies” and that it failed miserably, ensuring that it was “the biggest trash in history”.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s biggest failure

Virus‘ from 1999 was a fiasco on all levels, both by critics and the public, with a gross of barely 30 million dollars for a budget of 75 million, eventually achieving a sad rating of 12% on portals such as Rotten Tomatoes. And Jamie Lee Curtis herself doesn’t seem very happy with that movie: “It’s a shit movie. It’s an incredibly bad movie. bad on all levels”, said the actress more than a decade ago.

Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Virus’

“It was maybe the only time I ever knew something was just bad and There was nothing I could do about it.. I do the best I can and there have been bad movies that have been tremendously successful and great movies that have flopped, so you never know,” Jamie Lee Curtis continues. “It was a standalone precursor to all these Marvel comic book movies. I thought maybe that fan base would come see it, but no,” the actress concluded about her adaptation of a comic of hers like ‘Virus’.

The only thing that Jamie Lee Curtis rescued from ‘Virus’ is the possibility of comfort a friend of profession when he suffers a film failure: “’Virus’ is so bad that it is shocking. It was the biggest trash in history. It’s just awful. That’s the only good reason to be in bad movies. Then when your friends have bad movies you can say ‘Ah, I have the best.’ I carry ‘Virus’”, concludes the actress.

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