Lourdes Ornelas warns about the situation of her son, Camilo Blanes: “She takes him to the ATM”

Since his father passed away, Camilo Sesto and will inherit all his immense fortune, the life of his son ‘Camilin’ It has gone downhill and without brakes. But the situation has reached such levels that his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, has been forced to intervene on several television programs to warn about the young man’s condition.

This week, in addition, she wanted to give an interview to the magazine ‘Pronto’, completely desperate: “Their situation is terrible. It is in the hand of a camel who supplies him with drugs, and I can’t do anything, because the laws don’t protect me,” he began by explaining.

Camilo Michel Blanes ‘Camilín’, with his mother Lourdes Ornelas.

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And he continued: “When I go with police to Camilo’s house to prevent this trafficker from entering, almost the one they separate is me, I don’t understand. I am having a very hard time because of my son’s mistakes, but I am a strong woman and I am not going to stop in my fight to make him leave that pernicious world that surrounds him. I know that it is not easy to achieve it if Camilo does not collaborate,” she lamented.

And this person does nothing other than take advantage of Camilo Blanes’ good (or not so good) financial situation: “He constantly brings him substances. Taking advantage of his condition, He takes him to the ATM and makes him take out thousands of euros. of your account. I have the evidence to prove it,” said Ornelas.

Camilo Blanes, in a photo from his social networks


And he concludes: “Some days we are good and others bad. If he is on drugs, he is out of his mind and gets angry when I say something to him. I go almost every day to see him. I go out of my way for him. To Camilo They could steal your entire house and you wouldn’t even notice. It’s like in a cloud“, he ended up saying.

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