‘The idea of ​​you’: This is how you can stay at Anne Hathaway’s house – Movie news

‘The idea of ​​you’: This is how you can stay at Anne Hathaway’s house – Movie news
‘The idea of ​​you’: This is how you can stay at Anne Hathaway’s house – Movie news

Anne Hathaway returned to the center of the show thanks to ‘The Idea of ​​You’, the successful Video romcom, and although it may seem incredible, now you can stay at her house. Here we tell you all the details.

After a career full of dramatic roles such as in the films The Miserables and Interstellar, Anne Hathaway He revealed that he wanted to have fun with his characters and that’s how he came to star in The idea of ​​youthe new romantic comedy from Amazon Prime Video that, in addition to being successful, caused great controversy on social networks within a gigantic music fandom.

Many claimed that this film was based on a fanfic about Harry Styles, which the author of the novel confirmed; So the actress’s fans did not understand why she had chosen a production like that, although after seeing what she earned for the project, perhaps she will answer the question herself. The also protagonist of The Devil Wears Prada she played Sólene, a 40-year-old woman who falls in love with Hayes (Nicholas Galitzine), the member of a famous boy band who takes her around the world, but also shares intimate moments at home.

If you saw the film scored by the same composers behind One Direction, you surely remember that Sólene lives in Silver Lake, California, in a very homey house that has a rustic touch. In reality, the residence is not located in that state but in Atlanta, Georgia, and the most impressive thing of all is that You can stay right there for vacation.

How much does it cost to stay at Anne Hathaway’s house in ‘The Idea of ​​You’?

Just as you heard it, now you can rest for a few days in the same house where Anne Hathaway recorded this controversial film because The owners turned it into an Airbnb. The only difference is the location, but everything within it is practically identical to how it was shown on the tape, so you could dream that you are in the same universe as The idea of ​​you. The rental price per night is 380 US dollars and you can walk through the places where Sólene and Hayes had their first date.

The Airbnb It consists of three bedrooms, a main room with a jacuzzi and shower on the upper floor., while the two extra rooms are located on the ground floor, each with a private bathroom. Would you like to stay in this place? If you’re a mega fan of Anne Hathaway or Nicholas Galitzine, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to rest for a few days in this beautiful home (just pray that something like what happens in Netflix’s most popular horror movie doesn’t happen to you).

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