Marcela Feudale shared a trip with her 87-year-old mother through Patagonia: “What an incredible adventure!”

Marcela Feudale shared a trip with her 87-year-old mother through Patagonia: “What an incredible adventure!”
Marcela Feudale shared a trip with her 87-year-old mother through Patagonia: “What an incredible adventure!”

The video of Marcela Feudale and her mother’s vacation (Video: IG/marcelafeudale)

LAM announcer and panelist, Marcela Feudale, He enjoyed a week’s vacation in southern Argentina in the company of his 87-year-old mother. During the trip, they both explored the natural wonders of El Chalten and El Calafateand shared unforgettable experiences. “What an incredible adventure with mommy in El Chaltén!”Feudale said on his social networks, in which he showed some of the most notable moments of his journey, highlighting his mother’s inspiring bravery.

At 87 years old, he was encouraged to climb the Mirador de los Cóndores, enjoyed a delicious locro and with his crampons and cane in tow he reached Chorrillo del Salto. A true inspiration of bravery and determination! ”The speaker expressed proudly, demonstrating the love and admiration she feels for her mother.

Happy, through hashtags such as “Adventures with Mommy” and “Ageless Courage,” Feudale highlighted the importance of living every moment with passion and courage, regardless of age. During her tour through the south of the country, Marcela published a kind of log, showing the landscape of the Perito Moreno Glacier and expressing the emotion she experienced when contemplating its imposing charm. “It left me speechless, its imposing beauty made me cry with emotion. An unforgettable experience that everyone should live!”, she shared excitedly.

The LAM panelist also highlighted the visit to Punta Walichu, a wonderful place full of history and rock art, where you can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Argentino. “It is a wonderful place, land of Tehuelches, which Perito Moreno discovered in Calafate, Santa Cruz. Caverns with rock art where you can have lunch or dinner in front of Lake Argentino on an unforgettable day,” he described, inviting his followers to discover the cultural and natural wealth of the region.

Marcela Feudale at the Perito Moreno Glacier Walkways (Photo: IG/marcelafeudale)

In her Instagram stories, the communicator shared additional details about her trip, revealing the need for this vacation after an intense year. “I needed this vacation, last year was heavy”he stated, highlighting the importance of taking time to disconnect and recharge.

Regarding his mother’s company, he expressed his admiration and affection. “I love spending time with her, she is a wonderful character and we laugh a lot when we travel together and she rejuvenates,” she said and highlighted the special connection they share and the value of enjoying every moment with her loved ones.

long ago, Marcela Feudale visited PH, We can talk (Telefe), the Andy Kusnetzoff cycle. The announcer recalled her beginnings in the media, He shed tears when he remembered his fatherand also There were moments to review their love stories. With his frontal style and sensitivity to the surface, he explained the reasons behind the low profile he cultivated in his love lifedespite the three decades of experience he has accumulated in the media.

Marcela Feudale and her 87-year-old mother in the Tierra del Fuego National Park (Photo: Instagram/@marcelafeudale)

I never did well with pairs, but I think that although it is true that I did not hole out there with the people I should have“I was very romantic and I believed that everything had to be perfect,” she revealed. In this sense, she highlighted that in every relationship she began she placed high expectations about the future, which collapsed over time. “It was a tremendous demand for me and for the other person as well, so When even the slightest issue happened I was already thinking that it didn’t work, that it wasn’t for me.”he explained.

“I had several partners, I’m heterosexual, I’ll make it clear,” he expressed, and Ronnie Arias – another of the guests that night on the series – commented conspiratorially: “You were always very chonguito, which was the way to survive at that time.” Feudale agreed with that statement, and recalled some of his work experiences: “I had to get used to being a ‘macho’ because the environment demanded it of me.; I worked in Rock & Pop and I was 100% macho, we were two women and 44 men, what was I going to do?

The vacation photos of Marcela Feudale and her 87-year-old mother (Photo: Instagram/@marcelafeudale)

At the Punta Walichu Archaeological site (Photo: IG/marcelafeudale)

“I needed this vacation, last year was heavy,” said Marcela (Photo: IG/marcelafeudale)

In Lake Acigami behind Cerro Cóndor (Photo: IG/marcelafeudale)

In the middle of the Spegazzini glacier breaking off, in Lake Argentino, in Santa Cruz

At the Macarena waterfall, in the Tierra del Fuego National Park, in Ushuaia (Photo: IG/marcelafeudale)

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