Zendaya’s stylist reveals the fashion houses that refused to dress her

Zendaya’s stylist reveals the fashion houses that refused to dress her
Zendaya’s stylist reveals the fashion houses that refused to dress her

Zendaya has been working since she was 14 years old with her good friend and stylist Law Roach, who is largely responsible for her becoming a true icon capable of defending the most impossible trends. Their rise hand in hand to the altars of fashion has even more merit because at the beginning of their career they were unable to get the big brands to lend them their designs, and since revenge is a dish best served cold, Roach has decided to reveal now who made the mistake of saying no.

“I would mention the big five: Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Dior. They all told me the same thing: ‘No, try again next year. It’s too green. It’s not on our radar,'” he explained. during an interview with the podcast ‘The Cutting Room Floor’.

It is obvious that he neither forgets nor forgives the rudeness that the actress suffered when she was still known as another teenage star, who remained to be seen if she would be able to survive outside the Disney factory. “I still have all the evidence. By the time we were on the cover of American Vogue in 2017, she hadn’t worn any of those designers yet. She still hasn’t.”

Before anyone rushes to rescue archive images where Zendaya appears dressed in designs from these famous houses, Law Roach has clarified that on all those occasions she was working in fashion editorials, where the decision of what she wore did not depend entirely on both of them.

“She has not yet worn Dior on a carpet. She has never worn Chanel on a carpet. She has still never worn Gucci on a carpet, neither in the press nor in any appearance, ever. Never,” he stressed. “The first time he wore Valentino in public was when he had a contract.”

At the time, he warned all those responsible for these exclusive firms that if they closed the door, they would not be able to open it again in the future, when it was convenient for them, and he remained firm in that decision for a long, long time.


Zendaya stands out on the Met Gala 2024 carpet in New York in a dramatic dress

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