Francis Ford Coppola is accused of inappropriate behavior during the filming of Megalopolis

Francis Ford Coppola is accused of inappropriate behavior during the filming of Megalopolis
Francis Ford Coppola is accused of inappropriate behavior during the filming of Megalopolis

This year it lands in theaters Megalopolisthe ambitious movie science fiction written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola that the filmmaker has been cooking for more than 40 years.

Starring Adam Driverthe plot of the film presents us with the project of rebuilding a metropolis after having fallen into decay.

The idealist architect Caesar Catilina attempts to build a utopian city on the ruins of New York against the mayor’s wishes and with the mayor’s socialite daughter in the middle of the dispute.

Francis Ford Coppola accused of inappropriate behavior on the set of Megalopolis

Although part of the film’s cast (including Adam Driver) have praised the filmmaker’s work, other members of the team have expressed their dissatisfaction with Coppola’s behavior throughout what they consider a chaotic filming.

In statements to Guardianseveral members of the filming crew Megalopolis have highlighted various inappropriate behaviors by Francis Ford Coppola during the filming of the film.

Leaving aside various controversies resulting from the clash of approaches between the director and the crew members, several sources point out that a lot of time was lost during the filming process, since Many times Francis Ford Coppola spent hours smoking marijuana without doing anything.

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“He would often just sit there for hours in his trailer, not talk to anyone, smoke marijuana often… And hours and hours would go by without anything being filmed. And the crew and the cast would sit there and wait.

And then he would go out and make up something that didn’t make sense, and that didn’t follow anything that anyone had talked about or anything that was on the page, and we all just accepted it, trying to make the best of it. But almost every day, we would just walk away shaking our heads wondering what we had spent the last 12 hours doing.“comments an anonymous member of the team.

But the worst thing seems to be the “old school” behavior that the filmmaker has with women since, according to what they tell the media, Francis Ford Coppola forced women to sit on his lap.

Witnesses also point out that, during a scene in a nightclub, Coppola came on set and attempted to kiss some of the topless and scantily clad female extras, apparently because he was “trying to get them in the mood.”

Things got complicated to the point that, halfway through filming, Most of the art and visual effects teams were fired or resigned due to numerous disputes with the filmmaker.. It certainly seems that the filming of Megalopolis It hasn’t been a bed of roses, no.

Megalopolis It debuts that Friday at the Cannes Festival and at some point this year the film will hit theaters in Spain. What do you think of the accusations made against Francis Ford Coppola?

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