Samantha, Challenger of the Week, is compared to the singer Young Miko, are they similar?

Samantha, Challenger of the Week, is compared to the singer Young Miko, are they similar?
Samantha, Challenger of the Week, is compared to the singer Young Miko, are they similar?

Beyond taking victory in the 2024 Challenge, Samantha caused several reactions on social networks when competing in the Blue BoxWell, even though they highlighted her skills, given that they doubted them due to the fact that she is a stylist, and that she has played with quite long nails, the Colombians noticed that she has a resemblance to a singer of the urban genre.
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Samantha is compared to a famous singer

While the Sentence, Prize and Punishment Challenge was taking place, in which three Challengers of the Week are in charge of the result of this test, the fans of the reality show did not hesitate to comment regarding these three women, ensuring that Alpha’s representative is similar to Puerto Rican artist Young Miko.

Given this, several comments and memes emerged in which they mentioned that there is a physical resemblance between the two of them and exalted that they were supporting the singer for reasons such as her “modesty” by being on the program and competing as an ordinary person.

And there is several similar details between Samantha and Young Mikosince both have silvery hair that is not so long, they have a slim build, they have a light skin tone, they are tattooed and while the participant has a piercing in her nose and lip, the artist wears them on the nose and eyebrow.
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Challenger of the Week who won with Alpha

Samantha is a 25-year-old beautician from Bogotá. and that from the first minute she formed a great connection with the members of the purple squad, since they welcomed her by surprising her with a pillow fight amidst laughter.

This Challenger of the Week revealed that she learned the news that she could reach the Citadel while she was doing the nails of one of her clients and stated that she could not believe that they had given her this opportunity, so from that moment on she began to forge a winning mentality.
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Among other curiosities she told about herself, Samantha mentioned that she had rats as pets and stated that they are even more intelligent than dogs, since they learn many things.

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