Kate Moss and Bob Marley’s grandson seen together

It already seemed strange to us not to know about Kate Moss and especially her love life. The truth is The 50-year-old top model was, as far as we knew, in a relationship with the British aristocrat and photographer Nikolai von Bismarck, who has been her partner for almost a decade. However, in recent days he was seen very close to another name that has a famous genealogical link with a music legend.

Kate was on vacation in Turkey, where she attended the Med Bodrum cultural festival. A detail of no great importance until She was photographed appearing very close, and even holding hands, with Skip Marley, grandson of the iconic reggae exponent, Bob Marley.

The news appeared in the British newspaper The Daily Mail, and witnesses say that the model looked very excited with the 27-year-old young man. “Kate ran up on stage because she loved it. Security people escorted her off the stage. I don’t know if there is anything, but I’m sure she’s a fan.”the source assured the newspaper. “Everything was very sweet and non-confrontational.”

If something caught the attention of the witnesses of the meeting between the model and the musician, it was noticing that the model’s supposed boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, was nowhere to be seen during Moss’s vacation to Turkey.. Johnny Depp’s ex was accompanied on her vacation by her best friend, fellow model Rosemary Ferguson, along with her husband, artist Jake Chapman.

For his part, Skip is the son of Cendella, Bob Marley’s second daughter. He is currently single and his last known relationship was with the North American artist HER, with whom he made a musical collaboration in 2022.

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