Complex illness forces Ana Gabriel to postpone her concert, what happened to her?

Complex illness forces Ana Gabriel to postpone her concert, what happened to her?
Complex illness forces Ana Gabriel to postpone her concert, what happened to her?

Ana Gabriel had to cancel a concert in Chile, after having serious health problems.

Through an official statement issued by the production company Multi Música this Wednesday, it was announced that Ana Gabriel had to postpone the concert she had scheduled for tonight at the Movistar Arena in Chile. The decision was made due to the serious illness of influenza affecting the interpreter, who requires rest and medical treatment.

“To the Chilean public: we regret to inform that Ana Gabriel’s concert scheduled for May 15, 2024 at Movistar Arena has been postponed to the new date of May 20, 2024, due to the artist having contracted a severe condition. of influenza and by medical order requires rest,” the statement states.

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The production company confirmed that the shows scheduled for May 17 and 18 will take place as planned, without modifications. In addition, it was assured that those who cannot attend the new concert date will receive a refund of the cost of their tickets.

The announcement of the postponement of the concert comes after some videos of the concert given by Ana Gabriel the previous night in Chile circulated on social networks. Despite the singer’s obvious discomfort, those who attended the event highlighted her effort to carry out the presentation. Ana Gabriel was seen using an oxygen mask between songs, which has generated speculation about her health.

Although some spectators applauded Ana Gabriel’s dedication to fulfilling her commitment, others expressed their discontent towards the organizers of the event, pointing out that the singer was having difficulty breathing and, therefore, was not in a position to offer a complete show.

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So far, the artist has not made public statements about her state of health nor has she communicated how she is doing through her social networks. However, it is presumed that illnesses derived from influenza could have been present since her performance on Tuesday, although she chose to continue with the concert.

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