Horacio Cabak responded to a chicane from Sofía Jujuy with a VIDEO OF HER FROM THE PAST

The driver and the model had a bad work experience and since then the relationship between them has been more than strained.

Horacio Cabak responded to a chicane from Sofía Jujuy with a video of her tapping (Photo: Captura eltrece / Instagram sofijujuyok)

Horacio Cabak responded to a chicane Sofia Jujuy Jimenez with a video of her tapping. The driver’s irony did not go unnoticed on networks, where users reacted with all kinds of occurrences.

Invited to streaming Bondithe model and journalist spoke about her differences with Cabak and closed the issue with a striking phrase: “We sent him a huge kiss, and I hope… did he lose his job or do he have another one? I hope I get it.”

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HoracioCabak (Photo: Instagram Capture /HoracioCabak)

This Wednesday, the driver echoed Jujuy’s statements and responded with a video of herself tapping with Naty Franzoni.

“I am worthy of everything good, I open my entire energy field, I pay attention and appreciate everything I see, everything I am, everything there is. I am abundant. “I appreciate and receive money as a source of energy…” were some of the statements they were heard saying while tapping specific points on their face and body.

What Sofía Jujuy Jiménez said about her bad relationship with Horacio Cabak

This Tuesday, Sofía Jujuy Jiménez was invited to Bondi. Ángel de Brito read the listeners’ questions for the model: “What do you think about being cut from La Jaula de la Moda?” “Did they cut it? So literal? I didn’t know,” she asked in surprise.

One of the columnists wanted to know if that experience working with Cabak had been the worst of her entire professional career. “The truth is that I had never had a bad work experience, it was the first and only one. What happened to him was difficult, but I don’t like going back to the past, I like to look forward and learn. “I took note of everything I learned in that experience,” he said.

What Sofía Jujuy Jiménez said about her bad relationship with Horacio Cabak (Photo: Captura eltrece – bondi)

“I met him in January at a show where he was driving and I was modeling, it was this year, he wanted to start a conversation that was strange, he told me things without saying anything to me. I said why do you come closer, to continue fighting me? He told me let’s cut it, and for me it was something that happened three years ago,” she added.

By way of closing, he launched: “Besides, sometimes you can have differences with others or with other people and it is part of it. This had been a replacement, it was an improvised moment, we sent him a huge kiss, I hope he gets a job.”

What Horacio Cabak said about his departure from “La Jaula de la Moda”

Rumors about Horacio Cabak’s departure from The Fashion Cage they started in Intruders () a few months ago. At that time, the driver used his Twitter account to clarify that he was not aware of his separation from the cycle. “I just found out watching Intruders. Thank you!”, he wrote, ironically.

Hosts of La cage de la moda (Photos: Instagram @lajauladelamoda)

In dialogue with LAM (America)explained what had happened: “I don’t know what it’s like to give up. I fulfilled all my contracts. I will never give up on you. I didn’t give up The fashion cage. When they called me LN+they asked me for exclusivity, and I asked them to continue with The fashion cageif we don’t compete, and they told me ‘you’re right.'”

“Every time an interesting possibility came my way I said yes, but I never left a program. When I left a program it is because the program ended, because the contract ended, or when they kicked me out, as in Controversy at the barhe added.

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