Renato Rossini claims to have unpublished video with Milett Figueroa and warns Marcelo Tinelli

Renato Rossini claims to have unpublished video with Milett Figueroa and warns Marcelo Tinelli
Renato Rossini claims to have unpublished video with Milett Figueroa and warns Marcelo Tinelli

Renato Rossini surprises Marcelo Tinelli with a special message about Milett Figueroa. | Composition/Infobae

The well-known actor Renato Rossini made some surprising statements about the model Milett Figueroa, in a recent interview. Sharing anecdotes about her collaboration in the film ‘Al filo de la ley’, the interpreter took advantage of the occasion to send a message to Marcelo Tinelli, the young woman’s current partner.

During the conversation, the former ‘El Gran Chef Famosos’ participant revealed that he has unpublished videos of his compatriot which, according to him, would be to the liking of the Argentine producer.

“You were also with Xoana and Milett Figueroa…,” Carla Chévez asked him in her digital program, who had the artist as a guest. “Lindas… The other time I was on another podcast and I sent a message to Mr. Tinelli: ‘I have a video of Milett that not even you have,'” she said about the subject of great interest.

Report of Milett Figueroa participating in a film with Renato Rossini. | Latin

Previously, Renato Rossini clarified in the program ‘Nadie Se Salva’ that the videos in question were taken of the model during the recording of the movie ‘Edge of the Law’, from 2015, but they were not included in the final version of the film.

According to him, the scenes did not fit properly in the montage, but he highlighted the beauty and talent of Milett Figueroa. “Marcelo, I have some videos that you are going to like of Milett, they are some very nice videos of Milett that we didn’t put in the film because they didn’t fit,” she explained.

In his comment, he highlighted the beauty of the Argentine driver’s current partner, highlighting that she is a “beautiful girl” and remembered his victory in the dance program ‘El Gran Show’.

Milett Figueroa and Renato Rossini worked together in a 2015 film. | Frame

The media attention did not end there, as Rossini also commented on the possibility of a sequel to ‘Edge of the Law’. The actor mentioned that there is already a script for the second part, in which he would act again alongside Julian Legaspibut that production is on hold due to lack of budget.

“I have it written, but ‘villegas’ is missing. After the pandemic, I think that national cinema has not been reactivated,” she expressed, pointing out the economic difficulties faced by the country’s film industry.

Renato Rossini was a participant in ‘The Great Famous Chef’. (Photo: Capture of Latina)

He called him ungrateful. During an interview with Pablo Saldarriaga and Gabriel Calvo, actor Renato Rossini criticized Christian Meier for the lack of compensation for his support when he first arrived in Colombia.

The interpreter recalled that he lent him his driver and put him up at his house, but when he returned to the coffee-growing country some time later, the soap opera heartthrob did not answer the phone.

“When Christian went to Colombia, you hosted him at your house,” the panelist asked. “You lent him your driver, everything (…) That’s when he ran away with my driver and never showed up again,” the guest added.

However, Rossini added that when he tried to contact him again, he only got responses from his representative, which showed his frustration and discontent with the situation. Besides, Gabriel Calvo expressed his annoyance, indicating that Meier acted “cool” in front of someone who had supported him, stating that he knows Rossini well and that he is always a humble and kind person.

Renato Rossini says that Christian Meier was not grateful to him despite having helped him in his beginnings in Colombia.

“I know Renato very well and I know perfectly well that he would never get angry in that regard. If he meets a guy, he’s going to greet you, he’s going to shake your hand,” he said.

Rossini has an extensive career which began in the 1990s, with participation in soap opera productions such as ‘The Avenging Angel: Caligula’, ‘Malicia’, ‘Obsesión’ and ‘La noche’, where he shared the scene with Christian Meier. She also stood out in antagonistic roles such as ‘Soledad’ and in international productions such as ‘Bésame fool’ and ‘Las noches de Luciana’.

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