Celeste Muriega destroyed Rocío Oliva’s look in The Fashion Cage and revived their old feud

On Tuesday afternoon there was the presentation of the work of Mamma Mía! in which several celebrities walked the red carpet wearing their top outfits, although Celeste Muriega he didn’t like it at all Rocío Oliva and let him know in The fashion cage.

In the cycle that returned to the air for City Magazine From Monday to Friday at 7 p.m., El Pollo Álvarez presented several members of vernacular entertainment, and made emphasis on the sober look of Rocío Oliva which obtained a negative vote from almost all of the program’s staff.

Rocío Oliva at the premiere of Mamma Mia (Photo: Movilpress).

“Courts, Palace of Justice,” said Fabián Medina Flores first, for whom Oliva seemed like a “lawyer.” “The folio and folder are missing. She is an assistant to Ana Rosenfeld,” added the fashion advisor. “When you hold an event like this, do they send you the invitation? Do they tell you what you have to wear or not?”, Pollo wanted to know.

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The next to express his opinion was Cristian Sancho. “I think this is a girl who is now working, who is working as a journalist. and that perhaps leaving the canal I wasn’t cold. It was cold last night. I think about psychology, not fashion. “I think about the cold, not about fashion,” the model specified.

“But fashion hurts a little too”said Celeste Muriega, his new wife. “A little bit sometimes you are a little uncomfortable, but you have to bank it to be optimal for the circumstance“added the dancer.

Celeste Muriega surprised by confessing what her days in Dubai with Maradona were like: “I had a fight with Rocío Oliva when I met her”

Celeste Muriega surprised by confessing what her days in Dubai with Maradona were like: “I had a fight with Rocío Oliva when I met her”

“It caught Rocío’s attention, She is a well-traveled girl and knows how to dress very well, but on this occasion I think she screwed up.“added Celeste, who has spent time with Rocío in Qatar when she was a partner of Rocío’s former right-hand woman. Diego MaradonaAlejo Clérici.

In fact, I looked and it says ‘elegant’ on the card.. “I would have added, at least, a stiletto,” added the dancer who on one occasion said that she had a “quarrel” with Oliva. “When I met her, I had a kind of fight. The first impression was strange, because I turned on the TV and saw that she was talking badly about Alejo. So there I jumped in with the toe plugs,” she said.

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