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NEW HOUSE. Apparently to Paolo Guerrero He didn’t like the luxurious mansion the woman rented him. Cesar Vallejo University in Trujillo and moved to another, slightly smaller, but more modern one in another exclusive neighborhood of the ‘Spring City’ and which is valued at more than a million dollars.

New Neighborhood

Although the residence in which he settled at the beginning had a large garden, swimming pool, terrace and much more, everything indicates that the ‘Predator’ nor Ana Paula Consorte would have been satisfied with the area, since the street was very lonely and they decided to change residence.

As confirmed by the real estate broker to the Magaly Medina program, ‘9’ left the previous mansion even though he still had a rental contract of 8 thousand dollars per month for more than a year, which Vallejo will have to continue paying.

Guerrero and his family have now settled in a modern house in the Las Palmeras del Golf condominium, a highly exclusive complex, where mining businessmen even live. The new residence has 700 square meters and the land alone is worth about 700 thousand dollars. In total, the house is valued at 1.19 million dollars.


The home initially chosen by the Trujillo sports institution has an area of ​​1,200 square meters and its market value is one million 880 thousand dollars and is located in the exclusive residential area of ​​El Golf in Trujillo.

The house has two floors, large gardens, swimming pool, main dining room for twelve people, a modern kitchen with a granite island in the center, four bedrooms each with a full bathroom, a guest bathroom and a semi-basement.

Paolo Guerrero and the uncomfortable question of Magaly Medina’s ‘magpie’ that unleashed her fury

A few days ago, Magaly Medina released the images of Paolo Guerrero’s attack on her reporter. And the Predator was outraged when the magpie approached him to ask him about an alleged third pregnancy of his current partner, the Brazilian Ana Paula Consorte.

“You are asking me something stupid, more respect brother”said the soccer player while the reporter reminded him that he is a public figure and that every time he has a new relationship, he shares it on his social networks. “What have I published on my networks, don’t talk nonsense, have I confirmed anything? Ask me about football, I am a football player,” Paolo replied indignantly.


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