Magdalena from Sweden ends her ‘nightmare’ and returns home


The princess and her family will return to Sweden in a few weeks

Magdalena from Sweden has been living abroad for several years

  • Andrea Mori

    • 05/16/2024 16:59
    • Updated: 05/16/2024 16:59

Madeleine from Sweden go back home. Almost a year after the Royal Family announced that the princess was going to move from the United States to Stockholm, now the move is finally going to become a reality. After months of rumors and speculation, finally, a spokesperson for the Royal Family has clarified all the details of the return of the sister of the princess victoria to his native country.

Margareta Thorgren has confirmed that the princess and her family will arrive in the Swedish capital for the summer, which means that the couple’s children will be able to start classes in the new year already in Sweden. “Princess Madeleine and her family are in the process of moving to Stockholm, they will arrive later in the summer”, said Thorgren, who has also clarified that there are concrete plans for the grandchildren of Kings Carl Gustav and Silvia to study at a center in the Swedish capital. However, he has not specified which school the children could go to. three children of Princess Madeleine.

Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O’Neill, together. (Photo: Gtres)

In principle, it had been announced that the move of Princess Madeleine’s family was going to take place last summer, but, for reasons that were never officially confirmed, the daughter of the kings Carlos Gustavo and Silvia He had to stay in Florida longer, specifically, practically a year. Everything indicates that, finally, the princess and her husband have managed to sell her house in Miami although, for now, the amount of the sale has not been disclosed. It is known that the couple was asking for an approximate figure of six million euros for the house and that it was not being easy to sell it.

Happy news

The transfer of Princess Madeleine of Sweden with her three children and her husband, Chris O’Neill, back to Stockholm is good news for the Royal Family, especially for Kings Carl Gustav and Silvia, who will be able to have close their children and also their grandchildren.

Madeleine from Sweden
Cupcake from Sweden in a file image. (Photo: Gtres)

Princess Victoria’s sister has been living outside Sweden for some time and is used to international environments, although she has always frequently visited her homeland. It is also likely that she will now be more actively involved in official commitments and not only in the activities of the Childhood Foundation, one of the most important projects for Queen Silvia.

In the case of the princess’s husband, Chris O’Neill, it is expected that he will continue to focus on his usual work as a businessman. In fact, one of the most important issues for him has been not to give up his working life despite his wedding to the king’s daughter and he has stayed away from official activity except for specific appearances at events of family importance. . Now they only have to finalize the details of the transfer and begin a new stage.

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