Lucero and Manuel Mijares defend their daughter after harsh comments about her body: “Poor mediocre people”

Lucero and Manuel Mijares defend their daughter after harsh comments about her body: “Poor mediocre people”
Lucero and Manuel Mijares defend their daughter after harsh comments about her body: “Poor mediocre people”

In Mexico there is a controversy that has spread during the last week and that involves Lucero and Manuel Mijares with his daughter Lucerito.

It turns out that the young woman, a singer like her renowned parents, was a victim of offensive comments on the part of the animators of an Aztec television program.

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At first, the artist who stood out at the Viña del Mar Festival in 2001 made a fierce defense of her daughter, supported by her loyal followers. And now it was the turn of the author of “Soldier of Love”, breaking her silence after several days.

Lucero and Manuel Mijares with their daughter Lucerito (Instagram)

What were the criticisms against Lucerito?

It all started when Lucerito confessed that They often mistake her for a man when she goes about her daily life: “I am not the typical girl who worries about looking perfect (…) perhaps my style does not fit with what some consider feminine. Sometimes, when I go to places like the cinema, They greet me saying ‘hello, welcome’, and I simply respond ‘thank you’. “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

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His statements were addressed in the program “Does matters!“, of the Chanel Image Television from Mexico and led by Sofia Rivera Torres, Eduardo Videgaray and José Ramón San Cristobalwho basically made fun of the young artist’s body and appearance.

“It’s good that it makes you laugh. They mistake you for a man, but you didn’t say which one: Spider-Man or Wolf-Man? You can use it to your advantage”, “God takes away and God takes away again. Mijares has not died yet and has already been reincarnated as his daughter, incredible” and “which one is Mijares and which one is the daughter? If it weren’t for the afro, we hardly know” were some of the negative comments expressed by the trio.

From left to right, José Ramón San Cristóbal, Sofía Rivera and Eduardo Videgaray (Television Image)

“Woe to those who have no intelligence”

After what was broadcast on the program, Lucero used his X account to defend his daughter and launch a strong message against the TV presenters involved in the controversy, treating them as “mediocre” without even mentioning them.

“Beautiful girl, admirable young man. My Lucero Mijares. Woe to the mediocre, poor to those who have no intelligence, poor to those who have nothing to say but make fun of others.“she wrote on the social platform, attaching a video in which the aforementioned referred to the criticism.

The post of someone who had a fleeting romance with Felipe Camiroaga It caused Rivera, Videgaray and San Cristóbal to have to apologize at the beginning of a new chapter, although not with the expected sincerity.

“We are going to do something that we have never done, but we think that today the occasion warrants it (…) Precisely because Lucerito said it (that she was not affected by being mistaken for a man), We made jokes about his own statements and when there is humor there is risk“declared the trio.

“We think that Lucerito is a very beautiful person in all aspects of life, but That night we made jokes in very bad taste in the eyes of some people. That’s humor, it’s subjective and, by the way, it has become excessively complicated these days (…) We offer you a sincere apology,” they said, closing with a video that shows an outburst by Manuel Mijares on stage.

The excerpt of the moment was published on Imagen Televisión’s X account, but was later deleted, probably because Lucero retweeted it, rejecting the apology: “CANCELED FOREVER“wrote the actress.

Manuel Mijares broke his silence

Asked about it by the Mexican press, Mijares responded: “On dad’s side, Whenever someone messes with your children, you react and it hurts. “I see Lucerito calm with all this mess.”

“Apart from the fact that she is my daughter, apart from the fact that we are parents, I don’t think it’s a good image to talk about discrimination.. I don’t think it’s correct, especially in these times,” he said, according to Hello.

Finally, along with thanking the love of his followers and the signs of support received, the Mexican concluded that “we have the joy of being able to live with Lucerito, hug her. She is an adorable girl who has pursued her dream. It is fully protected by me and Lucero“.

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