Máximo Huerta and his reflection taking care of his mother

Máximo Huerta and his reflection taking care of his mother
Máximo Huerta and his reflection taking care of his mother

Daniel Brito Luzardo 05/16/2024 4:13 p.m.

Máximo Huerta with his motherInstagram @maximohuerta

Anyone who closely follows the life of Maximo Huerta He knows that for a long time he has put his career as a communicator on hold, not entirely, in order to be able to take care of his mother, Clara, and dedicate all the time he can to her. That hasn’t stopped him from releasing his new book, ‘Paris woke up late’, or continue dedicated to his bookstore, La Librería de Doña Leo. However, the situation he is going through has led him to throw a reflection through his social networks after a conversation he had with his mother this morning.

Interview with Máximo Huerta

The value of caregivers

“So many pills every day? They are necessary? Yes, to continue”. The presenter says it started with this conversation. Regarding this, he says that while he was acting as a “dealer” of his mother’s heart pills, he realized that the pharmaceutical industry would have to change, especially because the day before he went on a diet after gaining 100 kilos on the weight.

“If they wanted, for decades there would be a little green pill, for example hope, so that we would all be at our ideal weight, are extra fats. But of course, it must compensate more to have us on the border of emotional and physical suffering,” he says, but he leaves that aside to reflect on what he thought when he gave the pill to his mother in the morning.

“When he placed his hand forming a little bowl for me to pass them to him, I thought about who will do that with me. Who? Who will take care of me? Who will order my pills? It’s only been a second. A moment of doubt, of worry, of an uncertain future. But intense and deep like a dagger that pierces clothes. Who will care for those we have cared for? “Who will take care of those of us who don’t have children?” he explains in the text he published this morning on his social networks.

Who will care for those who care?

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It is a question that not only he asks himself, as some followers have let him know in the comments. “I suppose that, when I lose my bearings, I will lose my temper, my ears will get bigger, my nose and eyes will be gray.”Someone from my family will come to settle me in a residence. Or I will be the one who, with a little luck, gets the specific date right and asks for a room before everything collapses,” she writes.

“No bitch? No writing table? No chair to read? No window to the mountain? Without my things? With the MH embroidered on the waistband of my pants, my shirts, my pajamas? It was just a gesture. From my hand to yours. As it was from his to her mother. And I imagine, from grandmother Irene to great-grandmother Teófila. And so on until the beginning of time. The chain stops here. In Myself. End”, the Mint. “Who will it be?” the writer asks himself again.

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