Fran García Huidobro analyzes Kaminski and Andrade’s romance

Fran García Huidobro analyzes Kaminski and Andrade’s romance
Fran García Huidobro analyzes Kaminski and Andrade’s romance

This Friday, a new episode of “We can talk”, an instance in which Belén Mora, Toto Acuña, Gino Costa and Fran García-Huidobro will be invited. On the occasion, Julio César Rodríguez did not miss the opportunity to ask the Iron lady his opinion on certain current showbiz topics.

Tomorrow, after “Chilevisión Noticias”, a new episode of the private station’s conversation program will premiere. In this regard, the host of the space will talk intimately with who was his former partner and with whom he today maintains a close and cordial relationship.

And in the middle of the conversation, Rodríguez will take advantage of the opportunity to consult Fran García-Huidobro’s sincere opinion on one of the most latent topics in the world of entertainment: the controversial relationship between Francisco Kaminski and Camila Andrade.

“The truth is that nothing happens to me with him, I believe that he who lightens darkens“, he will express in the first instance. Likewise, he will make an observation about the reactions that existed against Camila Andrade precisely.

“Here there are a series of situations, of infidelity, in which women, We are super sisters, we are dedicated to making money for the lover and not for the person who made a commitment, of fidelity, it was signed, they dressed in white, they shot doves, etc,” the actress will say.

Fran García-Huidobro on Kaminski-Andrade relationship

Of course, he will note that he does not intend to “excuse” her. “TV is so public, she knew where she was. Why my friend; people are not separating, people are separating; people are not separating and living with the ex-wife with her children; “That shit… is a lie and we all know it.”he will sentence.

However, his darts will be aimed at Francisco Kaminski, because he was the one who “owed absolute loyalty to Jara.” “Starting a relationship with another person, from that place, from public hatred, from social networks, which crucify you and want to spit on you in the public square, like everyone on Twitter, were the noblest bones in the world; it’s complicated. I see that relationship as complicated“, will conclude in the episode.

In order to hear their complete statements, tomorrow, after the central Chilevisión newscast, the episode of “We Can Talk” will premiere. In addition to this topic, Fran García-Huidobro will talk about other entertainment topics that are latent.

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