Emanero recalled what it was like to work with Jimena Barón: “It drove me crazy”

Emanero recalled what it was like to work with Jimena Barón: “It drove me crazy”
Emanero recalled what it was like to work with Jimena Barón: “It drove me crazy”

Emanero gave unpublished details of the song Sinvergüenza

This Wednesday, the Argentine singer, producer and composer Emanero visited “Al Dente Night” (América TV) and, in an in-depth interview, he went through several topics: from the growth of his career in recent times and the competition between artists, to the advice he gave to Rusherking and Angela Torres, who are very good friends of yours and They recently whitewashed their romance.

In this context, the driver Fernando Dente he asked how the song was created Scoundrel, one of his best productions where he made Angela Torres, Karina, the little princess and Jimena Baron. “I must say that the one who drove me the craziest was Jimena“, shot the producer about the song that today has more than 110 million views.

Dente immediately wanted to know more. “Tell me that now. I’m interested, what did he drive you crazy with?”, he questioned. “It drove me crazy, but then it came to fruition. It was in the run-up,” Emanero explained. And he continued: “I put together the song and I thought of a part for Karina, which is the chorus; another for Angela, which was the introduction; and another part for Jimena. I thought about Jimena’s verse and put her voice with artificial intelligence to test how it looked.”

Regarding the latter, the producer explained: “You train an artificial intelligence with songs from a singer so that it learns to sing like that person. Then you record something and ask them to sing it like that person: that’s what I did with Jimena. It was to see how he looked and send it to him, because it was not the same as sending him the verse sung by me. “So I sent it to her, sung by her, but with artificial intelligence.”

Emanero, Karina, Jimena Barón and Ángela Torres sing “Sinvergüenza” (Official Video)

His response was: ‘Wow, it’s scary to hear me.’ Afterwards she told me that she didn’t like it. I panicked because we only had one day left to record the vocals, since “Two days later we recorded the video,” Emanero acknowledged about the preview of the song.

“We chatted a little by message, At first Jimena didn’t like it one bit, nothing, it was all black, until she gave in.. There I told him: ‘Let’s get together to rewrite it or you can write whatever you want.’ AND We ended up doing it with the first part that I had written and then with something that she wrote“, revealed the artist, to which Dente commented: “They negotiated, basically, and it turned out spectacular.”

Emanero visited Noche al Dente (Photos: courtesy of América TV)

In addition to the anecdote with the Cobra, at one point in the interview Dente asked the producer about some advice that Chano Charpentier gave him: “He told me: ‘You have to say things that identify people, not four people from Palermo.’ And he was right“, revealed Emanero, who also knows Bizarre without glasses and laughing he recalled: “I recently ran into him without a cap and didn’t recognize him.”.

During the segment the Disc of Life, the guest reviewed family anecdotes. “I went to primary school, to a school that was founded and then I went to another school that was also founded.”, he said amused. Finally, in a night full of anecdotes, the master of Argentine urban music sang much more than his songs because he went out of his genre with songs like Skinny of Andres Calamaro.

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