Patricia Pardo lives an uncomfortable moment in ‘Let’s see’

Patricia Pardo has experienced a situation in ‘Let’s see’ with which she has been completely horrified. This May 16, not only is there talk of the fight that the cloistered nuns of Burgos maintain against the Catholic Church due to a controversial convent purchase and sale operation, nor that Óscar Díaz has won the ‘Pasapalabra’ donut, there is also other news that make headlines and one of them is the one starring the German politician Martin Neumaier, of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) who appears licking the facilities of a public bathroom. A video that he himself has shared on his social networks and that has already gone viral.

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As the images appeared on the screen, the expression on the faces of the program’s collaborators changed radically. Patricia, who is experiencing the first months of her son Luca with special enthusiasm, did not know where to go and even lowered her head so as not to watch the video. Joaquín Prat put his finger even further into the wound. “Not content with sucking urinals, “He sucks toilet brushes that are not from his house or a friend’s house,” Prat commented.. To which the journalist could only respond, horrified. ““Oh, shut up, please, with how good we were with the truffles”Patricia responded, referring to the topic they had discussed previously at the table, that of Mojas Clarisas from Belorado, famous for their truffles, which are even bought by some chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants.

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Psychologist Rocío Ramos-Paul couldn’t believe what she was seeing either.. “I can’t change the face of what it has done to me inside,” she acknowledged. And when asked by Joaquín if there was any diagnosis for what the German politician had done, the psychologist could only say: “I think there are calls for attention. He doesn’t hurt anyone. Visually, it hurts me a lot, but I don’t know if he gave it bleach before or if he had just bought the brush.”

At that moment and with Patricia still speechless, Joaquín sentenced to continue giving way to the themes of the rundown: “Seeing is believing”.

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She has been working on the website for more than a decade, but she is nostalgic and fondly remembers her time in the paper format of the magazine, in which she was collaborating. A time in which she has seen and worked on the most notable news on the national scene such as the wedding of Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos; the divorce of Paula Echavarría and David Bustamante; and historical events such as the coronation of Felipe VI as king of Spain.

In addition to her heart, she loves fashion and beauty. Hence, she puts the same enthusiasm writing about Queen Letizia’s looks as she does about Isasaweis’ favorite cream. She has a clinical eye to detect if two celebrities have worn the same dress and make a topic about which of them wears it better.

In her free time, in addition to continuing to train herself in the latest digital developments to apply them in her work, she loves to watch reality shows like ‘Survivors’ and ‘I’m Georgina’ (she shares her love for Iberians with Georgina Rodríguez), heartfelt programs and everything. whatever is broadcast on the television schedule from which you can get a good sauce. Her excuse that she always makes to see them without being bothered?: “I do it for work.”

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