What might Chiara Oliver’s next single from OT 2023 sound like according to the producers you’ve worked with? | Music

What might Chiara Oliver’s next single from OT 2023 sound like according to the producers you’ve worked with? | Music
What might Chiara Oliver’s next single from OT 2023 sound like according to the producers you’ve worked with? | Music

If we can highlight something from the passage of Chiara Oliver for OT 2023 is that in addition to working to get the most out of the songs that were played in the casts by Noemí Galera and Manu Guix, he also knew how to make the best use of his stay at the academy to learn and explore his side. artistic.

Every time the young woman had free time she sat at the piano, picked up the guitar or gave free rein to her imagination by writing about everything that in one way or another had left its mark on her. In this way, we saw Chiara Oliver as a person and as an artist in a unique wayin addition to knowing in advance what songs we could listen to once I started working outside the academy.

As soon as she was expelled from OT 2023 at gala 10, the young woman from Menorca went into a recording studio and was able to finish bad habitwhich was his first single. His talent, a catchy rhythm and a story that anyone could identify with were some of the ingredients that made this song a success with all the letters. Furthermore, it is worth noting that this is the song most listened to on platforms by the winners of this edition.

But the thing doesn’t stop there. We can say that a bad habit was just the prelude to what is to come from now on, since the young artist has not stopped working in recent months and we can confirm that He already has several songs recordedwhich could be part of a very interesting EP that truly presents Chiara Oliver in the national music market.

Discover the sound of Chiara Oliver’s producers

During this time we have seen her with numerous producers, so we have decided to make a list of these people with whom she has met in the studio, all with the aim of being able to get an idea of ​​what Chiara’s musical proposal could be like. basis of the influences that these producers could be.


Chechu was the producer of Bad Habit, her first single, and it seems that the young woman really liked working with him, since, after the release of this, we have seen them together again working hand in hand. Despite his young age, the young man has a good musical resume: in addition to carrying out his own project, he has also worked as a producer and composer for artists of the caliber of David Bisbal, Paula Cendejas or Marc Seguíamong many others.

Furthermore, according to what we have been able to hear in Chiara’s voice so far, it is worth noting that Chechu has collaborated on songs like boys don’t cry by Paula Koops, which has a pop rock that could be closer to the musical tastes of the Menorcan, or also in Round and roundhe lesbian anthem by Chanel, which due to the theme of the composition is also very close to what we can expect from Chiara.

Chanel – Around and Around

Pablo Rouss

After the publication of a bad habit, Chiara sees Pablo Rouss again, although this time he is no longer in the role of jury for OT 2023, but as a producer, possibly, of the composition February 3rd. The Navarrese is known in the Spanish music industry for being the creator of many of the most popular songs in our country. Among his works we can highlight a large part of the discography of Belén Aguilera, Recycled J, Hens and Walls or his two Latin Grammy Awards for his participation in the production of Red high heels and the album Dharma by Sebastian Yatra.

The song that Pablo Rouss and the young woman would have worked on would be just the last one she composed before being expelled from the singing program. In fact, it was Chiara who described this as a “heavenly ballad with many voices, of heartbreak and nostalgia”…And who better than Rouss to do this? He already has extensive experience in this, since many of Belén Aguilera’s proposals are characterized precisely by this.

Belén Aguilera – VERTIGO

Gala Nell

Like the previous producers, Gala Nell has her own project as a solo artist, but she has also embarked on the great adventure of producing and writing music for other artists. Charlie Rodd, Ivanna, or Lola Vila are some of the names that have joined this young woman with great projection. Now Chiara, another young woman with very similar characteristics, is the one who wanted to join her.

Gala Nell is characterized by creating authentic hymns of love, but also of heartbreak, always with melodic, fresh and very catchy touches, precisely some of the adjectives that Oliver uses to describe his proposal. And we couldn’t forget to mention the component that the producer also dedicates her songs to other girls.

candy eyes – gala nell (lyric video)

Daniel Sabater

You may know Daniel Sabater more for his role as a singer, but the truth is that he also produces and writes for other people. Among his works we find projects of all kinds: from nostalgic ballads capable of breaking your heart into a thousand pieces to more powerful songs with a rock and alternative vibe, to the most experimental pop.

Seeing reflected in compositions like The guest, One round too many either toxic, we sense that there is no musical genre that escapes Chiara, so Sabater’s work with the former triumph is a safe bet. In the Murcian projects we not only see these style changes in different songs, but we also hear these characteristic turns in the same song.

daniel sabater – I DON’T QUIER ME PEGAR (Lyric Video)

Vic Mirallas

Although Chiara didn’t say it, we all knew that one of her favorite Operación Triunfo teachers was Vic Mirallas, the edition’s vocal coach. Both inside and outside the academy, both have come together to write, but also to produce that song that emerged between the lights of OT.

Mirallas has rubbed shoulders with people of the stature of Alejandro Sanz, Camilo or Don Patricio, among others, so his musical background is not exactly short. Among this wide spectrum we find everything from typical jazz to experimentation with pianos and distorters. Furthermore, it is worth noting that she has produced songs for artists that Chiara really likes, such as Natalia Lacunza or MAROamong other.

I don’t see you – Natalia Lacunza

Maximiliano Calvo

Another artist whom we could not pigeonhole into a single style is Maximiliano Calvo, since the names on his list of collaborations see from ARON and Solá Morente to Walls, although we can say that several of their songs stand out for their slightly more rumba sounds in which the cajon and the guitar take center stage. Examples of this could be Mala Vida, his production for Cheti or his own song. From Rodriguez.

That said, we can say that the Chiara Oliver song that we already know, in a way, and that could fit with a production of these characteristics could be One round too manyTRUE?

Cheti – Bad Life (Official Lyric Video)

Mr. Chen

Mr. Chen is the one the Kivistas can thank, not only for being one of the thinking minds behind the x come, first single by her friend Violeta Hódar, but for having brought her together with Chiara in a recording studio. Although we don’t know if they only accompany each other in their singing chores or things go further and they could release a song together, everything that can come out of Mr. Chen’s mind combined with everything that can come out of Chiara’s, It would be most captivating.

Catalan moves mainly by urban genresalways in conjunction with touches of other types of music, such as acoustic or electropopproviding his works with a lot of detail and an experimental part that would be truly hypnotizing.

Violeta Hódar – “the x coming” (Lyric Video)

St. Woods

Finally, and as we were already seeing that there was too much Spanish for an artist who also opts to sing in English because, in case you didn’t know, Chiara is half English, we have st. Woods. The Madrid native also opts for the Anglo-Saxon language in his project full of Very sensitive ballads, piano songs and reference songs in the indie and folk scene of our country. Likewise, the musician also has another, much more rogue, parallel project. This is the pop rock group Niño Bravos.

With inspirations from bands like Green Day or singers who are art personified like Bon Iver, st. Woods will surely make the most of Chiara’s ability to make the most explicit and sincere lyrics, since he is an expert in this field.

St Woods – Take All Your Things (Quarantine Lyric Video)

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