the details of his new pose with his daughters, Leonor and Sofía, for their wedding anniversary

the details of his new pose with his daughters, Leonor and Sofía, for their wedding anniversary
the details of his new pose with his daughters, Leonor and Sofía, for their wedding anniversary

Next May 22 marks the wedding anniversary of King Felipe VI (56 years old) and Queen Letizia (51 years old). The marriage of the then Princes of Asturias marked a before and after in the history of the Spanish monarchy for everything it entailed. Now 20 years after that mythical day, the monarchs have surprised with a pose that has broken all possible moldsin which they appear with their daughters, Princess Leonor (18 years old) and Infanta Sofía (17 years old).

The wedding was marked by different anecdotes that have been remembered throughout all these years. Over time, the evolution of the current Kings of Spain has been very noticeable, especially with the institutional role they are playing. Furthermore, the former journalist is considered one of the most influential women in terms of style and elegance, leaving the Spain brand very well positioned outside our borders.

The Almudena Cathedral was the setting chosen for that wedding. More than 1,200 guests attended, including members of 38 Royal Houses, 15 heads of state and presidents of government and countless well-known faces from various fields such as culture and sport. That year 2004 the rain did its thingwater falling in torrents that failed to dampen the excitement of an entire country that was waiting to see the future heads of state.

The pose of the Spanish royal family

The Spanish Royal House is constantly modernizing. This is what he is doing with his latest attitudes and this is how he seems to want to continue acting. That is why these new photographs of the entire royal family on the occasion of the monarchs’ anniversary have been surprising, to say the least. In this report you can see the complicity that the whole family hassince in the images that appear the four members look at each other.


But there is also a place for appearances in pairs and there are all kinds of them. On the one hand, they highlight the two great protagonists. The couple celebrates their anniversary and they do not forget the gestures of love for each other. Infanta Elena’s brother puts his hand around his wife’s shoulder, without missing a single detail of what is happening around him with the photographers.


But there is also room for the rest. On the one hand, we can see an endearing image of Infanta Cristina’s brother hugging his little daughter. On the other hand, he also shares confidences with his eldest daughterwith which you can talk about the military future in which the heir to the Spanish Crown is immersed.

As for Letizia, she does accompanied by her two daughters at the same time. But it is not just any snapshot. In one of them, her two daughters look at her with great admiration and with a wide smile that shows how well the three of them get along. In another image, Letizia is on her back while she is hugged by each of her daughters on one side of her.


Felipe and Letizia’s change of strategy

For a few months it seems that the Spanish monarchs have begun a change in strategy, which is designed to ensure that the Spanish monarchy is one of the best represented internationally. In fact, in each appearance of the Kings, whether in our country or outside our borders, This strategy becomes even more palpable and considered one of the great changes they have carried out since their proclamation as Kings.

Queen Sofia’s son and his wife they are becoming more spontaneous, a characteristic seen as a clear example within this renewal process. In addition, they are carrying out different outings that are not included in their official agendas, which lead them to integrate with the rest of the citizens, such as, for example, on their outings to the cinemas in the capital of Madrid or on their Easter holidays attending different processions.

The different gestures of love that the parents of the Princess of Asturias have performed in public have also acquired great relevance. These samples were previously kept inside the Zarzuela Palace, but now it matters little if arise naturallyas for example in the last joint appearances in which the former journalist has suffered a fracture in her foot and the son of the emeritus king Juan Carlos has not hesitated to hold her and even caress her in full view of everyone.

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