Mayte Zaldívar updates the health status of her ex-partner, Julián Muñoz: “He is taking advantage of the last moments of his life”

Mayte Zaldívar updates the health status of her ex-partner, Julián Muñoz: “He is taking advantage of the last moments of his life”
Mayte Zaldívar updates the health status of her ex-partner, Julián Muñoz: “He is taking advantage of the last moments of his life”

Mayte Zaldívar in ‘On Friday!’ (Mediaset)

The life of Julian Muñoz Hang on a wire. She has let his ex-partner know this, Mayte Zaldivarduring his visit in Friday! The health problems that the former mayor of Marbella has been experiencing for some time have been aggravated by his cancer diagnosis. Since then, he has clearly deteriorated, so much so that concern about his condition has been increasing.

In these delicate moments, his greatest supporters have been his ex-partner and his two daughters, Eloísa and Elia. That is why who better than Mayte Zaldívar to detail how the former politician has evolved since he requested voluntary discharge from the hospital, where he remained for a month. “He knows that he is dying, but he doesn’t want to leave because He is living one of the happiest moments of his life“, Fernando Marcos’ partner has assured the Telecinco space.

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In her words, Isabel Pantoja’s ex-partner “had forgotten that she has a family” and that is why “she is taking advantage of the last moments of her life” to spend time with her loved ones. “There are days that are very difficult because she has a strong treatment,” he stated, referring to the medication that the exedil receives. “A few months ago the tumor was going very, very fast“Now it seems that things have stabilized and we are a little calmer,” she explained to Beatriz Archidona and Santi Acosta, visibly moved by the complicated situation that Muñoz is going through.

Julián Muñoz in an archive image (Europa Press)

The marriage of Mayte Zaldívar and Julián Muñoz was blown up when the former politician began a relationship with Isabel Pantoja. At that time, the tonadillera was the image of Marbella Dorada. The couple and the singer met and, between the three, a friendship arose. However, as time went by, a series of speculations began to arise about a possible romance between the artist and the businessman, something that they denied. Three months later, several images featuring Pantoja and Muñoz in El Rocío came to light. Since then, they began a love story that ended in 2009, leaving behind a broken family and high prison sentences for his involvement in the Malaya Case.

Julián Muñoz still remembers that chapter, although with a different nuance, because he greatly regrets the actions he had at that time. So much so that Mayte Zaldívar confesses that the former mayor He usually asks for forgiveness daily for the suffering he caused.. “It’s very heavy. I tell him that he doesn’t need to say it anymore, that we have already forgiven him. We are by his side because we love him. But he feels a lot of anger against himself, because he does not understand how he could put aside what he had,” he detailed in the Mediaset program.

“I tell him that we have to move forward. I forgave him a long time ago, because you have to keep the good, love and affection outweigh the bad. He is the father of my daughters and he will never stop being that,” Zaldívar stated. “The time he has left in life has to be lived with joy and enjoying what he has, which is great affection around him. There will have been some enemies left along the way, but now is not the time to go to war,” he said.

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Mayte Zaldívar in ‘Friday!’ (Mediaset)

Another of the topics he discussed was the subject of the supposed memoirs that Muñoz was writing. “I have read them. He has been writing for many years“It’s not from now,” Zaldívar confessed. “He has not written from the resentment of prison, but from his own forgiveness,” he has detailed.

“He does it from the heart, telling you about his life and not his political life. Many people come out,” she confirmed, adding that Both she and Isabel Pantoja are protagonists of her writings. “I don’t think he writes judging, it’s not against anyone, but rather his experience,” Zaldívar clarified when the space’s collaborators asked him if Muñoz wrote about the tonadillera out of revenge. Of course, one of the questions that he left up in the air is whether the exedil will publish his memoirs posthumously or currently.

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