Julieta Prandi’s message after her psychiatric license

Days ago, Julieta Prandi had to take a 96-hour break from her work commitments with a psychiatric license in the midst of the legal dispute that will soon confront her in court with her ex-husband, Claudio Contardi, whom she managed to take to trial after two years. oral.

In this context, Julieta began to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and acute stress after learning that the judge had fined her 800 thousand pesos for speaking to the media about the legal conflict she has with the father of her children Mateo. and Rocco.

For a few days, Julieta Prandi took refuge in her affections and stayed away from the media and networks, and in the last few hours she reappeared with a forceful message on her Instagram stories, a few words of gratitude to the many people who accompany her in this very particular moment.

The thing is that, at the same time that the model reached a key point in her feud with Contardi, after years of ordeal, humiliation, abuse and violence of all kinds, she has just released her first novel that she presented at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires, is called “I would have to be dead” and tells, in a fictional way, a story with many real elements, like yours.

Julieta Prandi presented her first novel “I would have to be dead” at the Buenos Aires Book Fair.

Happy with the excellent response that her novel is having, Julieta uploaded a video to her networks and expressed: “I’m stopping by to give thanks and tell you that I’m happy again with how Lucía’s story is flying everywhere in ‘I would have to be dead’, my first novel that is already in all the bookstores in the country.”

“I love the repercussions and the returns, the messages, and this song ‘Presa’ from Emanuel Ortega’s new musical project, ‘Bálsamo’, which talks about this story that is, in reality, the story of many women that we had to go through hell. So I invite you to listen to it. Thank you.”Prandi closed, in reference to the topic of his partner that he chose to put in the background.

According to the certificate of his psychiatric health signed by Dr. Rafael Herrera Milano, Prandi suffers from a “generalized anxiety disorder” and one “reaction to acute stress.” This situation detonated as a result of the fine of 800 thousand pesos that fell on her for having denounced before the television cameras that Claudio Contardi does not pass on the alimony quota for her children Mateo and Rocco.

Julieta Prandi managed to take her ex-husband, Claudio Contardi, to trial.

“The judge of Court Number 2 of San Isidro is protected by a confidentiality agreement where none of the parties could reveal the intimacies of the minors. I am not telling anything about the lives of minors. But if the media comes and asks me if I have the food issue resolved, I’m not going to lie, to cover who?Prandi exploded before Intruders, days ago.

Deeply anguished, Julieta was added to the fact that her ex-husband’s defense refuses to allow the oral trial by jury. “It is unusual that a victim of abuse has to wait for more than two years for the case to be brought to trial. And it is also true that the accused says that he does not want a trial by jury, that he wants it to be intimate and that no one finds out.he indicated in the American cycle, before relapsing into this stress condition.

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