Paloma San Basilio’s great farewell to the stage: “I’m not going to say goodbye, I’ll say thank you”

Paloma San Basilio’s great farewell to the stage: “I’m not going to say goodbye, I’ll say thank you”
Paloma San Basilio’s great farewell to the stage: “I’m not going to say goodbye, I’ll say thank you”

Interview with Paloma San Basilio

In a pleasant chat with Teleshow Paloma San Basilio his farewell to the stage throbbed with Thank youthe significant name he chose for his farewell world tour, and spoke from across the ocean about the strong union he has with our country.

I have a very special bond with Argentina, you can imagine. First because I have wonderful Argentine friends. And whether you like it or not, your country was very important to me, especially throughout my career. Imagine the impressive bond that I arrived without knowing anything, they sent me to do promotion and I fell in love with the country. I fell in love with everything, I fell in love with San Telmo, with tango, I fell in love with everything. Dulce de leche is my downfall. That was when, without realizing it, I connected with a wonderful, fascinating country,” she said.

Paloma San Basilio is also a painter and writer.

The artist speaks with devotion of the strong ties that unite her to our culture, to our customs, and remembers a moment in her career that marked her forever: “Then, suddenly a character comes into my hands, imagine. Through that character, Through Evita, logically my contact was much deeper. I have a memory that is when I couldn’t do Evita in Buenos Aires, because it was the military route and they didn’t allow it,” she recalled.

“Later I had the great revenge because I went to the Opera Theater for a concert, the first one I had done, and I brought a compilation of Evita, dressed and all in the costumes from the play. When I finally got to that theater, I got up there and said ‘Hello, Buenos Aires. That was one thing, your hair would stand on end and all that theater would collapse. I have a very beautiful love relationship, with platinum records. My live albums were four times platinum, and the truth is that I would not like to leave without passing through there again, without going to San Telmo to see a milonga dance,” he highlighted.

Paloma San Basilio sings The Day You Love Me in 1993

Paloma San Basilio, begins her “THANK YOU” tour

—Paloma, now you embark on a farewell journey. I don’t think it’s that way, because you know that here in Argentina and throughout Latin America and in the world we need artists and we don’t want them to leave the stage…

—Look, do you know what’s happening? There are a lot of people and there won’t be any problems. There will always be someone who is going to prepare for a stage to do something in another way, from another place, from another age, from another music, from another concept. I believe that precisely that is the beauty of the world of scenery, which is an open, free and unexpected space, where everything fits, right? I have one very nice career of 50 years, where I have done many things, where I have played wonderful characters, I have made 60 or so albums. I believe that I have traveled through America and so many countries so many times that I am very satisfied with that journey, with what I have left behind, with the bond, with the affection, with the respect. There is a moment where you have to be aware that it is a treasure, that you have to take care of it and that you cannot mistreat it.

Paloma San Basilio begins her “Thank you” tour

“Right now I think I am in a very good moment to be able to make a farewell tour. Now I have a bit of a cold, as you can see, but I still have my faculties, my physique, my everything, my energy and my desire to do something. I didn’t want to say goodbye, I prefer to say thank you. I think saying goodbye is a little sadder, because it’s like a negative version of the same thing. I prefer to say thank you for all these years and here I leave you the best of me. And well, and I hope that we continue in some way,” the Spanish diva was sincere.

“I wanted to make one farewell. I think it’s the perfect time now. I’m doing other things, I’m writing. I just finished my third novel which I think will come out in the fall. I want to continue painting, I want to travel, I want to give myself the opportunity to be Paloma San Basilio simply, and that’s it,” he reflected.

Paloma San Basilio chatted with Teleshow about Gracias, her farewell tour

—Where will your tour start?

—Well, we are organizing this tour… Right now we already have ten dates in USA the east coast. We would say that the tour will start exactly on October 6th in Puerto Ricoin it Fine Arts of Puerto Rico. And there we continue. We are going to NYwe’re going to do the whole west coast up tampa, orlando, etc. And from there we will go to Central America. We will also go to Dominican Republic, logically. From there we will be in Colombia. We’ll do all the cities I’ve always been to, right? Chili, Bolivia and we are going to visit a series of countries that I have always visited. Possibly Ecuador, Venezuela. We are going to try and I am going to try to reach all the parts I can.

Paloma San Basilio sings in her concert Closer to 2019

“I am also trying to get to Buenos Aires from Chile. Plus now that everyone knows, they are sending me everything. They ask me “and when are you coming to Baires?” I think it is a tour that will last approximately two months, October, November and that’s it. Now we are already with the full launch, with the dates, with the image, with the texts and preparing everything. It’s going to be a beautiful concert,” he stated.

“There are six musicians with two choirs and a very beautiful audiovisual concept, where of course, music is the main protagonist, where there are going to be candles that are going to create depth, where there is going to be a screen, logically it is going to have Well, a whole story that is being told, that is, it is going to be a very elaborate work. We have been doing it since before I came to Spain, now in January, February in Los Angeles, I already met with the lighting technician, with all the people, with the musical director. I think it will be very nice and I will also have something very special, which is my daughter Ivana doing choirs with me,” he highlighted.

—I was worried because you were naming Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and I was saying when will you name Argentina. You named Buenos Aires, but you know that here in Argentina they will love you in Córdoba, in Mendoza, Rosario.

-Yes Yes. I love it. On some occasion I came across, I drove from Buenos Aires to Paraguaygoing all over… Crossing Argentina. Well, it was one of those crazy trips, because I love seeing countries. I love, we would say, stepping on them, feeling them, eating them, seeing them. I have many friends in that country And I have great memories too. So Argentina has to be on this tour. I can’t leave without it being such a romantically important part of my career.

—Thank you really, Paloma for this talk from the other side of the world and welcome to Argentina always.

—To you for these 50 years. Without you nothing would have made sense, without those generations that have followed me, without those people who grew up with me, who fell in love with me, who lost their loved ones with me. That human journey is so important that I really believe that I have baggage that will last me for the rest of my life. So this tour of Thank you I think it is the best way to close a wonderful cycle.

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