Shakira, open war against a VIP ally, “envious, bad”

Shakira, open war against a VIP ally, “envious, bad”
Shakira, open war against a VIP ally, “envious, bad”

Shakira It works like a magnet: either you latch on to it like a tick, or you shoot off in the opposite direction. From love to hate In a blink of an eye. Gerard Piqué perfectly symbolizes this transition, he has gone from idolized to detested in an indisputable way. Yes, the Colombian singer had her reasons for the destruction of the couple and her infidelity, but even so we are not wrong in assuring that she has gone too far in her revenge. However, we bring good news for the ex-Catalan pop star: he has some competition. A VIP ally is now the bad officer. The person most hated by his legion of fans, always exalted, always exaggerated, always dangerous. A compatriot and colleague: the singer Karol G.

Shakira and Karol G They published the song ‘TQG’, I was too big for you“, in the month of February 2023. A new public slap to Piqué, while also serving to sink Karol’s ex-partner, Anuel AA. The issue was a real pitch in the industry, continuing the line set by Barranquilla since he started shooting at the former Barça soccer player. The launch represented a kind of VIP sorority, a shared struggle, a common mission. A lens that has aged poorly, if we pay attention to the shakirists, that they are destroying Karol G by describing her as envious and full of evil. And all for a Spotify list. What a drama.

Shakira and Karol G / Instagram

It all starts with the publication of ‘Women do not cry’, LP that collects all of Shakira’s creations born from the sentimental breakup with Milan and Sasha’s father. It turns out that, in the presentation, there was a notable absence and an incomprehensible presence. Karol G fell off the list, but, on the other hand, Anuel AA was invited. The former’s fans began to smoke a pipe against Shakira, clouding a relationship that seemed idyllic. Well, it seems that the aggrieved artist has responded. How|How? Well removing the joint theme from the music platform list, “for harm Shakira with her streams“. That is, so that it does not add more listeners thanks to it. Get off the wagon, in short. “Someone is afraid“say the unconditional.

The fans of the ‘Waka-waka’, always with the trigger ready, have reacted with indignation to the discovery (which some deny, but the whistle has already been armed). “No it matters, “Shakira is an icon for generations and Karolg has a long way to go for that.”“Shakira doesn’t need her to be successful”, “Karol G is nothing compared to Shakira… Please dear!! Get situated!!!” On social networks, the chup-chup It is constant, with slaps for everyone. That said: what would Shakira do without a good fight, right? What laziness. All day with the knife between his teeth.

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