María Verdoy joins Jedet and uncovers the modus operandi of married footballers to flirt

The actress Jedet sat down a few days ago on the podcast ‘match‘, by LOS40, about dating apps and other issues such as sex and love. The artist then surprised by revealing the modus operandi of some football players who have family and children to flirt without being discovered. Now, like much of day-to-day interactions, everything is carried out through social networks.

The worst are the footballers“said the artist in the podcast. “They talk to you, then they see that you have seen it and they delete the message. They never follow you. They talk to you again if you haven’t seen it properly. Because they have wives and children. What they don’t know is that you take screenshots of everything,” the interpreter also explained.

Likewise, Jedet revealed that another of the tactics is start and stop following immediately to get the attention of the person in question. “When they see that you haven’t answered them, they delete it. But I have already captured him,” he insisted in the space presented by Andreu Casanova.

The actress Jedet.


But there is still more. And he also revealed that, on occasion, you had contacted the girlfriends of these men, although it had not always gone well. “What some don’t know is that I have spoken to the brides. Then I came out scalded. “I’m telling you that your boyfriend has done this and you end up with him and you make me upset,” she shared on the podcast.

This Saturday, ‘Socialite‘has echoed these statements and Maria Verdoy surprised by confessing that she felt identified with Jedet. “Notice that it is a tactic that I myself have also experienced.…”, the presenter began to say.

María Verdoy in ‘Socialité’.


“With a soccer player, María?” the journalist then asked her. Darío del Alcázar. “Well, many of us colleagues have lived these stories. I can tell you yes”, acknowledged Verdoy, who has also revealed another trick used by celebrities who flirt through the networks.

“What they also do is send instant messages. So if you capture them, they get the notice and they catch you.”, he revealed.

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