She is the beautiful mother of Melina Ramírez from Yo me llama – Publimetro Colombia

She is the beautiful mother of Melina Ramírez from Yo me llama – Publimetro Colombia
She is the beautiful mother of Melina Ramírez from Yo me llama – Publimetro Colombia

Melina Ramirez She is a renowned presenter, businesswoman and former beauty queen who became known in the National Beauty Contest and thanks to her talent and beauty she came to television, being part of programs such as ‘El Desafío’ and ‘Yo me llama’ Snail. Currently, the woman from Cali is focused on her role in her work projects and the most important thing for her is her family, her husband Juan Manuel Mendoza, her son with Mateo Carvajal, Salvador and of course, her parents, since she is the beautiful mother of Melina.

Who is Melina Ramírez’s mother?

Melina Ramírez’s mother is Nora Serna, who has three children, Ana Carolina, Carlos Ramírez and Melina. The woman has been present in each of their children’s moments, supporting them in every step they take, with both good and bad things.

Although the parents of the presenter of ‘My name is me’ They are based in Cali, there are several occasions in which Melina travels to the Sky Branch in order to share as much time as possible with them, taking into account the other commitments they must fulfill, but they also usually travel to Bogotá to spend time with their daughter and, incidentally, with their grandson Salvador.

In the middle of one of the appearances in the company of her mother, it being precisely a photo session, the businesswoman also assured that this was the first time that her mother had decided to take professional photographs of this type. In the midst of these, calls the Pay attention precisely to the great resemblance it has and, incidentally, the excellent mother-daughter relationship they have.

And there have been several occasions in which Ramírez has brought to light that the support of his parents has been vital along his path, because he thinks that there, it was where he inherited the passion for sports, a facet that his little Salvador now feels because in recent months he has been competing in different sports races.

The truth is that Melina is happier than ever, both personally and professionally, making it clear that her upcoming wishes for fulfill are not focused on becoming a mother for the second time, since she is taking advantage of her son, Salvador, from beginning to end.

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