Jimena Cyrulnik would have married her boyfriend, after four years of relationship

Jimena Cyrulnik would have married her boyfriend, after four years of relationship
Jimena Cyrulnik would have married her boyfriend, after four years of relationship

Jimena Cyrulnik and her boyfriend, Facundo, sealed their love (Instagram)

After four years of relationship, this Saturday, Jimena Cyrulnik and her boyfriend, Facundo, would have sealed their love. As can be seen in an image shared by the program’s Instagram account True Secrets (America), hosted by Luis Ventura, the actress would have married his partner.

With a smile on their faces, and the rings on your fingers, both signed the paper that certified their union. In this way, the couple strengthened their relationship, which began spontaneously when they met at a barbecue at a mutual friend’s house. The first meeting occurred days before the coronavirus quarantine was announced, which is why the relationship developed from a distance for several months.

Jimena Cyrulnik would have married her boyfriend, Facundo, as shared by the Instagram account of the program Secretos Verdaderos (Instagram Secretos Verdaderos)

After so much waiting, both managed to make the first face-to-face meeting. Being a man outside the media, who prefers anonymity, the model kept a very low profile for the first two years of their courtship. However, little by little, the actress began to share the moments they lived through social networks. The “whitewashing” occurred at the end of March 2022. “With you everywhere! Oh how I love you! ”The designer expressed in the caption of her first publication where she showed the face of her boyfriend.

That trip represented the second getaway they made together to northern Argentina. In the image that the actress shared, the two were seen posing hugging each other, while in the background the landscape of the Salinas Grandes of Jujuy and Salta could be seen.

In a talk with this medium, Cyrulnik had told his love story: “He is my friend’s brother, I was separated, so was he, and it was spontaneous. Although I am a friend of the sister and now sister-in-law, I had never seen him before.”

Throughout their years of dating, Jimena Cyrulnik and her boyfriend took numerous trips (Instagram)

And although, as time went by, the relationship between the two flowed naturally, the couple chose not to live together. The former Versus had said that she knew Facundo’s children and he knew hers, but they preferred to live in separate houses to respect each other’s spaces in their respective homes.

Regarding the secrets of his infatuation, Cyrulnik had revealed: “I liked his personality, his way of being, so unique and special. “I was calm, wanting to be alone, but love came, it came, I didn’t look for it, after meeting him over time I fell in love.”

It should be remembered that a year before meeting her partner, more precisely in July 2019, the actress had confirmed her separation from Luke Kirby, father of her two children, Calder and Tyron. Even so, a few months later they signed the divorce, after fifteen years of marriage.

After four years of relationship, Jimena Cyrulnik married her boyfriend, Facundo (Instagram)

However, the following year they would face the unexpected confinement together, and they chose to share the home to avoid moving and spend as much time as possible with the children. The posts with her ex-husband began to attract attention on social networks, and were pioneers in a decision that other ex-couples would later make.

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