Where will the ashes of Verónica Toussaint, actress who died of cancer, be scattered?

Where will the ashes of Verónica Toussaint, actress who died of cancer, be scattered?
Where will the ashes of Verónica Toussaint, actress who died of cancer, be scattered?

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Veronica Toussaint, a young actress whose death surprised everyone, fought for several years against breast cancer, a disease that affects millions of people, especially women. In the show program First handsome details of his funeral were revealed.

Apparently, the parents of the comedian and television host are devastated because together with her entire family they thought that I would overcome cancer. The coffin is closed and according to the program’s journalists, her brother will fulfill Toussaint’s last wish related to his ashes.

Veronica’s ashes will be scattered on the ground. But why? According to Lalo Carrillo, one of the drivers of First handthe actress always had a spiritual connection with nature:

“His home, in truth, was the Lacandona jungle. You entered Verónica’s house and there were plants everywhere. We made fun of her because, already having the disease, she said she was bored at home, so she would start making the bed, arrange the plants and sit up from the bed to see how her plants turned out. We laughed at her saying ‘Ah, what a father, what a good life’, and she told us ‘I really enjoy it.'”

The driver died due to complications with cancer Photo: Getty Images

Verónica Toussaint’s relapse would not only have been a surprise for her family, but also for her, since she did not understand the magnitude of the illness and was not informed about its severity.

The comedian was diagnosed in 2021, and since then she dedicated herself to doing a lot of breast cancer prevention activism. When she found out, the young woman told inHow cool!: “No one prepares you when they tell you that you have cancer. This time it was my turn. More than a month ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and today I decide to share it here with you, in this forum. “It has been a very intense process for me and especially for those around me who love me close.”

Breast cancer treatment varies depending on the type and stage of the disease, as well as the characteristics of the patient. The most common options include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapies.

The surgery It can be conservative, such as a lumpectomy, where only the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue are removed, or more extensive, such as a mastectomy, which involves the complete removal of a breast. Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction is often recommended.

The radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells and reduce the risk of recurrence. It is usually given after breast-conserving surgery.

The chemotherapy involves the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells that may have spread. It can be administered before surgery (neoadjuvant) to reduce the size of the tumor, or after (adjuvant) to eliminate any residual cells.

The therapy hormonal It is effective for hormone-sensitive cancers, using drugs that block hormones such as estrogen. The most common treatments include tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors.

The therapies directed They focus on specific aspects of cancer cells, such as the HER2 protein, and may include drugs such as trastuzumab.

Each treatment plan is personalizedconsidering factors such as the patient’s general health and personal preferences.

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