Loni Willison caught looking for food in the trash

Loni Willison caught looking for food in the trash
Loni Willison caught looking for food in the trash

Written in SHOW he 5/19/2024 · 3:14 p.m.

Los Angeles, California, USA.- Former American model Loni Willison has recently been seen in Los Angeles looking for food among garbage containers.

The actress, famous for her role in the television series “Expose,” has been living in homeless camps in California for more than seven years.

The fitness celebrity and ex-wife of ‘Baywatch’ actor Jeremy Jackson has battled addiction and mental health issues.

At 40, Willison was photographed rummaging through a dumpster for beauty products and dragging a shopping cart full of her possessions, the former model looking lonely and dejected.

This is not the first time that Willison has been seen in these conditions, as over the last year she has been photographed several times looking for food, with visible signs of physical wear and tear, bruises on her hands and a broken finger.

Addictions led her to homelessness

Willison’s situation first became public in October 2020, when she was found living on the streets. At that time, she revealed that she suffered from methamphetamine addiction and mental health issues.

Before that, in 2016, Willison said her slide into homelessness began in 2016, when she lost her job as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center in Los Angeles.

Despite her precarious situation, she said she was “doing very well” and had not had contact with her ex-husband Jeremy Jackson in years. He insisted that he could live on his own and that he had “everything he needs.”

She then briefly worked for a real estate agent who refused to pay her, exacerbating her financial and emotional situation.

Willison’s family and friends remain concerned for his well-being, and his story has sparked intense debate about the importance of support for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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