The counterpoint between Adrián Suar and Alejandro Lerner on the role of the State and the financing of culture

The counterpoint between Adrián Suar and Alejandro Lerner on the role of the State and the financing of culture
The counterpoint between Adrián Suar and Alejandro Lerner on the role of the State and the financing of culture

The counterpoint of Adrián Suar and Alejandro Lerner on the role of the State

The table of Juana Viale had as guests Adrian Suar and Alejandro Lerner where a climate of debate was generated about the role of the State, in line with the discussions that have been taking place about the financing of culture and the adjustments of the government of Javier Milei.

It all started when the programming manager of El Trece, who in January spoke out against the defunding of INCAA and which ended with the President coming out to respond harshly, recalled how his soap opera came about. Argentina, land of love and revenge. Which caused the singer to ponder it. “It starts from the will to do. “Of those that we do and those that are waiting for others to do to solve our lives, due to impediments or because culturally we are already screwed and we are waiting for them to put the chip in our mouths,” he said.

“I admire those who have that capacity and tell about the things they do. He said in pandemic streaming and generated a career through it. He act, write. Manifest as a magical fact that this is going to be there and suddenly it begins to materialize. If we could all have that”, assured the singer. At that point the producer disagreed.

Adrián Suar spoke about the role of the State at Juana Viale’s table and debated with Alejandro Lerner (Photo: Having lunch with Juana Viale)

“It is a slightly deeper debate. I totally agree with Ale, but Sometimes there are very few of us who have the possibility of realizing our dreams.“said the actor, while the interpreter of “Amarte Así” and “Todo a lung” snorted in disagreement. “There are many who try. Maybe there is a high percentage that tries and can’t. Then there is another sector that cannot,” Suar continued. “Or they convinced themselves that they can’t,” Lerner said.

“They convinced them that it can’t be done because everyone can”, the singer-songwriter emphasized, while exemplifying the case of Diego Maradona. “Maradona is Maradona,” Juana Viale disagreed. “Maradona believed that he was Maradona,” the singer insisted, which led to a harsh phrase from the writer Hernan Casciari.

“I think It is a touch, it is dangerous to say in front of a microphone that everyone can because it generates much greater frustration.“Sometimes, among those who can’t,” said the author of “More respect that I am your mother.” “There are people who get frustrated and can’t get out. Because of their childhood or how they were raised,” agreed the actor who stars in the play Felicidades, at which time he referred to what the functions of the State should be.

Alejandro Lerner, at Juana Viale’s table: “The State is a service, it is not God” (Photo: Having lunch with Juana Viale)

“Sometimes, and this is not to get into a debate, sometimes The State has to be there for those who cannot, for where the private sector is not… I am ‘pro private’, I have done it all my life and I have self-managed my entire life. There are others who have not been able to due to various circumstances,” he noted, at a table where Benjamín Vicuña and the streamer Luquitas Rodríguez.

Help them so they can and confirm that they cannot for the rest of their lives.. Help them so that they can and have children who can,” Alejandro continued. “I do not believe in the omnipresent State, but I do believe in the present State helping different sectors of the population,” stated the creator of Polka, who at the beginning of the year was crossed by the Head of State for demonstrating against the DNU , the omnibus law and give his support to the voices of culture who criticized his government measures.

“But when you help, do you help to help the rest of your life or do you teach him so he can swim and he can get to the shore so he can walk?” Lerner continued. “The State is a service, it is not God,” he emphasized.

While the director of El Trece questioned certain policies of previous governments. “The State has to be there to help people think without being partisan. Many times it has been ‘I submit you to my help’. That’s what I’m against. I hate that. It is not just helping economically, it is helping to think, to train intellectually,” she stated.

Javier Milei responded to Adrián Suar in January of this year. “He defends those who live off privileges” (Video: Rock&Pop)

Casciari, for his part, spoke about his personal case and his arrival to Buenos Aires from Mercedes in 1989 during the “worst period of Alfonsín and hyperinflation” where he found a place of belonging in the public cultural proposals that were offered. “What there was was an amphitheater on Paseo La Plaza, Alejandro Dolina was there every night, there was free theater and there were free recitals at the Teatro San Martín. We nourish ourselves with that without anything,” he recalled.

“And there were the kids from the northern zone who had money and a lot of other things who also had those possibilities in Buenos Aires, but we didn’t. We form emotionally in those places. How do you do it if it’s not like that? Inequality is tremendous”, expressed the columnist of Perros de las callees.

“Everything Hernán mentions are stimuli for the head, but I understand what Alejandro says. The encouragement is sometimes ‘I’ll pay you and don’t think, stay there’. “I am against that,” Adrián stated emphatically, while describing political clientelism as “perverse.”

“If you continue to be poor and I am getting richer and richer, you are a son of a bitch.”, launched the musician, words that the producer reaffirmed. “I agree and sign below,” he concluded.

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