Pablo Alarcón spoke from intensive care about his state of health: “I have a lung infection”

Pablo Alarcón spoke from intensive care about his state of health: “I have a lung infection”
Pablo Alarcón spoke from intensive care about his state of health: “I have a lung infection”

Pablo Alarcón spoke from intensive care about his state of health: “I have a lung infection”

The last few hours caused concern about the state of health of Pablo Alarconafter it was known that he remained hospitalized at the Tornú Hospital. Claribel Medinawho is his ex-wife, in dialogue with Teleshow He brought peace of mind about his state of health and now it was the 77-year-old actor himself who referred to this medium about the bilateral pneumonia for which he had to be hospitalized.

“Excuse me for the delay, but I don’t have much strength to speak yet,” said the protagonist of remembered soap operas such as Heaven gift and inheritance of love. “I am in therapy here at the Tornú Hospital. They treat me wonderfully well and I estimate that in 5 days I will go home“, he assured, after having to be assisted by SAME due to a respiratory complication.

I have a lung infection, bilateral. But hey, I’m fine,” he said honestly, from intensive care while his ex-wife and his daughters, Antonella and María Agustina, accompanied him during his hospitalization.

Pablo Alarcón is admitted to the Tornú Hospital for bilateral pneumonia (Photo: Do ​​you see her?, TN)

Early in the morning Claribel spoke to Teleshow about how her ex-husband was, from whom she separated in 1995 after 7 years of marriage. “He has pneumonia and has to be controlled because some other things appeared…”, said the also entertainer.

“Today I’m going to see him, but his fever had already gone down and his voice felt a little better, but I’ll know when I see him. Now he is in Tornú, but then they are going to transfer him to another place for his social work,” he said, about the actor’s wait for the actors’ social work, OSA.

“The report is that he is stable, he is fine… It is clear that he had pneumonia at some point, he did not realize it and now it became a little complicated for him. Now he is hospitalized, but he is not serious and has to remain under observation for at least a few days, basically that is it,” said the entertainer.

Pablo Alarcón in an interview with María Laura Santillán for Infobae in August of last year (Photo: Franco Fafasuli)

In the middle of last month Pablo Alarcón was a guest at Do you see her?, Jonatan Viale’s cycle on TN where he questioned the criticism that Guillermo Francella received for his political opinions and charged against Pablo Echarri. “I have worked with him and he was a different person. I never saw him again until he appeared with this character kissing ‘the lady’s’ hand,” he said at that time, alluding to the ideological adherence of Nancy Dupláa’s husband to Cristina Fernández’s management.

In January of this year, after it was known that he was acting out in Plaza Francia, he recounted the bad moment he experienced when he suffered a violent crime. “I’ve been robbed! They worked me up! They forced me at gunpoint, they broke the glass of my car at a traffic light,” he exclaimed, shouting from his social networks. “They targeted me, they took everything from me. They also took my cell phone. I was only able to replace it today. I was absent from Instagram so I let my followers know that this happened to me, that’s why I had disappeared. It’s not like I won the big one,” she added humorously.

In América Noticias they gave more details of the fact of insecurity. “It was a motorcycle that approached, they broke the glass. There were two people on the motorcycle, with helmets, and they stole his cell phone and everything he had on hand. And they left. It was night, it was dark. He did not file a complaint because it was not worth it, because he had no way of recognizing them, he did not know where he was, he did not know what he could report about it. So it ended up in this public complaint,” said Daniel Ambrosin on the news program hosted by Rolando Graña and Soledad Larghi.

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