Karol G published a romantic photo with Feid: Her fans melted with love

Karol G published a romantic photo with Feid: Her fans melted with love
Karol G published a romantic photo with Feid: Her fans melted with love

Karol G and Feid They make up one of the most talked about couples in the current music industry and each of their interactions on networks or public appearances cause all kinds of reactions among their followers and detractors, as was the most recent publication made by the Colombian.

On her Instagram profile, in front of her more than 69 million followers, ‘La Bichota’ shared a carousel of ten photos on May 19 with the following description: “What would be the caption for this cool post? ?♥️”.
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What caught my attention was that In the third image he is seen with the ‘Luna’ singer, ‘Chorrito pa’ las animas’, where they appear hugging and looking at the camera in selfie mode, thus reflecting their complicity and mutual love.

Feid commented on the post with what he could write as a caption: “It would be: ?????????‍❤️‍??️??✴️??️☀️ CS ?.”

This publication shows that the two paisa artists already They have no qualms about sharing their romance with the world; and as expected, they have received the support and love of his followers, who have filled them with comments; although there are also users who mention Karol G’s ex-boyfriend.
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Everything in its place ?”, “Fairly godfathers, more magical than ever??”, “the moment that so many were waiting for ??”, “Long live love ?”, “We love this version of Karol?”, “An applause for this couple who are in love”, These are just some messages that can be read.

This is how Anuel AA reacted when they asked him about Karol G

An interview given by Anuel AA has become popular through digital platforms in which he talks about his children, Yailin the most viral and where he refuses to answer questions about Karol G.

The moment of tension occurred when the reporter decided to bring up ‘La Bichota’, since she said that it is very common to hear that They are relating it to her.

“If we are going to do this interview and you are going to ask me about Karol to make numbers, you would have asked me a better question because now the meeting is over,” noted the Latin trap performer.

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