The surprising challenge that Topuria throws to his followers: “In 21 days…”

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Topuria launched a challenge on her social networks to change the physique of her followers

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Ilia Topuria is one of the biggest names in sport today, both nationally and internationally. This Sunday afternoon, the Spanish fighter launched a surprising challenge for his followers with the idea of ​​changing anyone’s physique in just 21 days.

“Who wants to do a 21-day challenge with me to change their physique and acquire new healthy habits?” he asked. Ilia Topuria to their followers on their social networks. It was 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. A few hours later, the question already had more than 3,000 answers.

In this way, the fashionable UFC fighter in Spain aims to create a challenge where anyone can change their physique in a surprising way in just 21 days. And the fact is that the physique and the healthy habits that he has Ilia Topuria to the letter in their day to day life they are impressive. Without a doubt everyone wants to be like the Spanish fighter.

Minutes later, Ilia Topuria He sent another message and explained some details about the challenge: “Before you say I, I, I, think very carefully.” And the UFC fighter pointed out that it was not just a sporting challenge, and it would also include many sacrifices.

“I promise you that if you dedicate those 21 days to me, I will present you with a version of yourself that you would never have imagined,” Ilia Topuria concluded on her social networks with a challenge that has dazzled her followers.

Topuria will fight in Spain

Ilia Topuria already announced that has a date for a fight UFC in Spain. The world champion in the featherweight category confirmed a few days ago that he will fight in his country with a brief message published on his social networks: “I already have a date for UFC Spain.” It was an open secret, although the Spaniard has not yet been able to confirm the date or time.

What most UFC fans in Spain expect is that this fight between Topuria and another opponent is held in the new Santiago Bernabeu. The fighter himself asked for it after knocking out Alexander Volkanovski in it Honda Center of The Angels: «I’ll stick with the Bernabéu. Being able to fight at the Bernabéu there is no other option. Always Bernabéu.

What is clear is that the stadium of real Madrid It is close to reaching the end of its spectacular renovation and is fully prepared to host any type of sporting event. It will do so with the NFL in 2025 and it is quite possible that within a short time it will host an evening of martial arts that of course the Spanish champion will not miss, Topuria.

The fight between Topuria and Max Holloway that seemed so safe a few weeks ago, is no longer so. The recent featherweight champion made it clear that he would only fight the American with the belt BMF at stake and has even opened other avenues of combat for the evenings in the coming months. Meanwhile, he threw a couple of darts through social media and made one thing clear in a recent interview: “I will be the highest paid athlete in 2025.”

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