Kevin Costner returns to the western with ‘Horizon’ in Cannes

Kevin Costner returns to the western with ‘Horizon’ in Cannes
Kevin Costner returns to the western with ‘Horizon’ in Cannes

Kevin Costner put on his cowboy boots again this Sunday in Cannes with Horizon.

Official poster for ‘Horizon’.

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Costner with Sienna Miller (Anatomy of a scandal) and Sam Worthington (Avatar) lead the cast with the main roles. The film is a cross between stories of settlers and colonized, of whites and indigenous people in a violent and dramatic West, which occurs in a time span of 15 years.

In addition to acting, Costner serves as director and product of the film. The first part can be seen in theaters on June 28 and the second fifteen days later.

Costner had not set foot in Cannes for two decades. And despite his presence at the event, horizon is not competing for the Palme d’Or, a competition that this Sunday crossed the equator (11 premieres out of 22) with a clear favorite in the betting, the musical drama Emilia Perez which tells the improbable story of a drug dealer who wants to change his sex.

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Another return this Sunday

Kirill Serebrennikov at Cannes 2024.


In addition to Costner, exiled Russian filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov also was present at Cannes with Limonovthe biography of a controversial writer and activist.

Serebrennikov is a regular Cannes filmmaker, and this time he chooses to adapt a great literary bestseller in France and the entire world, Limonovby Emmanuel Carrère, published in 2010.

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Eduard Limonov had an extravagant life: he was a petty thief in Kharkiv (Ukraine), where he was born, a cursed poet in Moscow, a wandering exile in New York, a well-known writer in Paris, a mercenary in the Balkans and finally again in Moscow, this time as head of an ultranationalist group enemy of Vladimir Putin.

He died at age 77 in 2020, after gaining access to the global celebrity he longed for thanks to Carrère’s book.

Serebrennikov acknowledges for his part that there is something of his “self-portrait” in this film which is competing for the Palme d’Or and performed by the British Ben Whishaw.

Limonov shows a tortured character, with a desire for success and confusing political ideas, a mirror of the cataclysm that Russia suffered with the fall of communism in 1989. Serebrennikov uses his great theatrical knowledge in his films to build an entire story between reality and fiction. He does not hesitate to show the reverse side of the sets, to make the characters jump from one set to another, from one era to another, with long sequence shots.

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In the 2010s Serebrennikov was one of the most audacious Russian artists of his generation, but then his positions in favor of the LGBT community led to his house arrest. in 2017. The sentence fell during the filming of Letoa dazzling portrait of St. Petersburg’s artistic avant-garde, presented at Cannes in 2018.

In June 2020, he was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzlement of funds. Because of this, a year later he could not travel to Cannes to present Petrov fever. He takes it out the following year with The Tchaikovsky Womani, a portrait of the genius of classical music through his wife. Since then, he has been in exile.


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