“I’ve never seen myself this strong”

“I am where I would like to be,” says Sebastián Yatra (October 15, 1994, Medellín, Colombia) in the photo session in Madrid to show the result of the Men’s Health Challenge. It has been three and a half months to change his body. Three and a half months to learn discipline and shorten a head that tends to fly. Twelve countries and dozens of trips in three and a half months in which Sebastián Yatra has discovered that the Men’s Health Challenge is not just about abs.

“If someone said to me: “Do you want to stay like this for the rest of your life?” to look good, but to feel good.”

Sebastián Yatra stars on the June cover of Men’s Health Spain now available in kiosks and usual points of sale. He discovers Sebastián Yatra’s photos where he shows his physical transformation and reads the exclusive interview in which he reveals his great personal transformation after a time of great changes.


“Now I give myself a five, but I need to get to a nine. I want to be perfect for the summer!” Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra told us at the beginning of the Men’s Health Challenge in the March issue. After several months of wild training and strict diet, he has met his goal and more than achieved it. Under the supervision of the technical director of the Challenge and fitness expert, Aarón Santos, and the high-performance clinical and sports nutritionist Roberto Oliver Bolívar, he has radically transformed his body and his new version is that of an authentic movie superhero. Along the way, a lot of strength training, cardio, almost Spartan discipline and a diet free of ultra-processed foods and rich in proteins, carbohydrates and quality fats.

Fernando Roi / Men’s Health

Sebastián Yatra at Men’s Health March 2024

Felix Valiente / Men’s Health

Sebastián Yatra in Men’s Health June 2024

At 29 years old, Sebastián Yatra has achieved the goal of gaining kilos of lean muscle and burning fat to look more defined to be stronger and more proportionate. Along the way, he has lost 7 kilos, has reduced his abdominal circumference by 10 centimeters and his arm circumference has gained 3 centimeters. It has been complicated, of course, but she has also learned her lesson from the hardest moments.

“I got out of tune about a month and a half later. I started to go off the rails a little… I was in Iceland recording the video for ‘Akureyri’, and that’s when I started eating worse. Also, between the fact that we were traveling everywhere recording the video and how cold it was, I didn’t go to the gym. And then I went to New York and then I went to hell… But at one point I thought: “Oops! If I don’t really get my act together and make some changes, this cover is going to be a disaster…” And, thank God, I was able to get back on track,” says Sebastián Yatra.

And, this is how Sebastián Yatra has achieved the grade he wanted, a 9 out of 10 that “no, it is not going to self-destruct. I am going to do my best. Will I need some help? Yes. But it has also been very cool meet tremendous trainers and nutritionists with you and I have learned a lot about how to take care of my health, what things not to eat, when I can afford certain foods… So you can rest assured.”

sebastian yatra in men's health
Felix Valiente

Sebastián Yatra with a tank top Alled-Martinezpants of Emeerred and handkerchief Givenchy


Sebastián Yatra faces 2024 with renewed energy to present new musical works. The first is called ‘Akureyri’, a duet with Aitana that is already a success. He won’t be the only one: Sebastián Yatra tells us exclusively for Men’s Health thatThey are working together composing songs for Aitana’s new album and they understand each other very well, both inside and outside the recording studio.

The Men’s Health challenge has helped him be more productive and focus on his projects and ignore the media attention: “If I get up early and start training, I already have the energy to leave one meeting and enter another, to pay attention and have that focus. “I am clearer than ever that if I put aside taking care of myself physically, I also stop taking care of myself in many other things.”

sebastian yatra in mens health
Felix Valiente

Sebastian with shirt and shorts Where Esteban by Esteban Cortazarsunglasses Gentle Monster x Ambush and ring Tiffani & Co.

“It doesn’t feel good when you see that a lot of people attack you from all sides, and you don’t have much to defend yourself either,” says Sebastián Yatra about the latest controversies in which he has been involved, such as his words about infidelity in a podcast. “I am a person who talks a lot. I am very open with my thoughts and, in that case, I think I expressed myself a little badly. Suddenly, the message I said was not so much, but the way I said it was not the best.”

Sebastián Yatra feels strong. He committed to the Men’s Health Challenge like other personalities such as Pablo Motos, Jordi Cruz or Roberto Leal, and now he dares to challenge his Spanish friends Carlos Alcaraz and David Bisbal who have also been on the cover of Men’s Health. Yatra has overcome its challenge.

sebastian yatra in men's health
Felix Valiente
sebastian yatra after his transformation from the mens health challenge
Felix Valiente / Men’s Health
sebastian yatra for men's health
Felix Valiente
sebastian yatra in mens health
Felix Valiente


Direction and interview: Jordi Martínez (@jordimartinezMH)
Photographs: Félix Valiente (@felixvaliente)
Video: Karlos Sanz (@karlosanz)
Styling: Marc Forné (@marcforne)
Grooming: Jesús de Paula (@jesusdepaula) for Kérastese)
Training: Aaron Santos (@aaronsantostrainers) and Luis Carlos Origel (@lcorigel)
Nutrition: Roberto Oliver (@rob.nutricion)
Photography assistants: Germán Arbós and Luis Spinola
Styling assistants: Gabriela Alvarado, Jaime Perán and Abigail Solorio
Production: Marta Sánchez

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