Very similar: she is Paulina, Griselda Siciliani’s sister that few knew

Griselda Siciliani She is one of the most prominent personalities within the circle of Argentine actresses. She participated in quite popular series and novels such as “Sos mi vida”, “Patito Feo”, “Para Vestir Santos”, “Los Únicos”, “Farsantes” and “Educando a Nina”. In addition, her relationship with Adrián Suar, with whom she shares a daughter, Margarita, became popular.

She has a fairly outgoing and challenging personality when it comes to defending women’s rights, but she is not the only one in her family who stands out in the media and on social networks. A few years ago, her younger sister, Leticia Siciliani, who is also an actress like her, also stood out.

The great family of Griselda Siciliani.

In her case, Leticia acted in fictions such as “My Friends of Always”, “Esperanza Mía”, “100 Días para Enamorarse” and “Hilo Rojo”. Likewise, a couple of years ago she had a fairly important participation in “MasterChef Celebrity.” The family of Griselda Siciliani It is quite numerous, since there are five brothers. In addition to Leti, there are also Malena, Paulina, Guido and Marilina.

This is Paulina Siciliani.

On one occasion, Norberto Siciliani, the father of the family, explained that all his children work in quite varied professions: “At home we have very varied children: Malena is a nun and is now in Paraguay; Griselda is an actress; Paulina is a professor of sociology and is an activist for just causes; Guido is a physical education teacher and participates in an NGO that works in deprived areas: Marilina is married to a musician and lives in the middle of the mountains; and Leticia is an actress and defines herself as a free person; “who chose to live with a woman.”

Sociologist, lover of books and writing.

Paulina is one of the least unknown sisters of Griselda Siciliani. She is a sociologist and is fully dedicated to that. From her Instagram account, you can learn a little more about her life. Apparently, she is a free soul who really enjoys traveling and seeing new places. She likes photography and captures very beautiful images surrounded by nature.

He loves traveling and good gastronomy.

He leaves several reflections and has visited both spaces in Argentina and other countries. She is a great reader and, therefore, she also enjoys writing. She has also left several recommendations for books, good food and connection with oneself. Like all of her siblings, they are quite attached to the family and enjoy spending time together. They have a very high bar for their parents’ relationship.

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