This was the secret marriage of Jimena Cyrulnik

This Saturday he got married Jimena Cyrulnik with his partner, Facundo. They were dating for 4 years and decided to take this important step through an intimate ceremony, where they avoided the cameras and the press at all costs. They wanted to treasure that moment for themselves and their loved ones.

They organized everything in complete secrecy, as they wanted to avoid repercussions and flashes. The news of their wedding was known hours later, when images of the celebration began to circulate. This Monday, the influencer spoke exclusively with Teleshow and confessed why she organized everything from the shadows: “We wanted to get married and we made the decision. We went to the civil registry, asked for a date and went on to say ‘Yes’. I was careful so that no one “he would find out and we could be there alone.”

Jimena Cyrulnik and her partner got married secretly.

From the images that were released on social networks, it was a fairly intimate ceremony. “On Saturday we had something like a meal like this, super informal, with some friends, very relaxed, where you could enjoy music, laughter and dancing in a completely relaxed atmosphere, and where a pogo was even formed around Mashiach,” he confirmed. Jimena Cyrulnik about the famous song that cannot be missing from any Jewish holiday.

Likewise, he explained that the theme “had no other spiritual meaning.” After the beautiful wedding, the couple made their first plan as married on Sunday, they joined the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, an annual gathering of bikers that encourages people to take over the streets. and roll to raise awareness about mental health.

Distinguisehd Gentleman’s Ride, the couple’s first post-marriage plan.

They both began this relationship very spontaneously. Jimena Cyrulnik and her now husband met at a barbecue at a mutual friend’s house, some time before the quarantine was declared due to the coronavirus pandemic. At first, her love was established a little from a distance.

This was Jimena’s introduction to her boyfriend.

The “Whitening” of the romance occurred at the end of 2022. “With you everywhere! Oh, how I love you!” the designer expressed in a photo when she presented it. It was the second getaway they took together, to the Argentine North. “I liked his personality, his way of being, so unique and special. I was calm, wanting to be alone, but love came, it came, I didn’t look for it, after meeting him over time I fell in love,” she confessed about how she fell in love.

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