Griselda Siciliani’s reaction when she was asked live on Telenoche about Luciano Castro

Griselda Siciliani’s reaction when she was asked live on Telenoche about Luciano Castro
Griselda Siciliani’s reaction when she was asked live on Telenoche about Luciano Castro

The actress spoke with Telenoche before going on stage for the premiere of “Congratulations,” the play in which she stars alongside Adrián Suar.

In conversation with Telenoche, Griselda Siciliani spoke about her romance with Luciano Castro. (Photo: Instagram /griseldasiciliani /castrolucianoook)

This Monday the press function of Congratulationsthe work that brings together Adrian Suar, Griselda Siciliani, Benjamin Vicuna, Jorgelina Aruzzi and Peto Menahem. Before going on stage at the Teatro El Nacional Sancor Seguros, the protagonists spoke with Telenoche and were very enthusiastic.

One of the inevitable topics during the talk was the news that shook the entertainment world: the confirmed romance between Siciliani and Luciano Castro. Although she avoided delving into her relationship with her colleague, the actress managed to get by. “Now are they going to ask me that on Telenoche, before a premiere?” She said, laughing.

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Then, he gave a brief statement about his relationship with Sabrina Castro’s ex.. “Everything good, everything good. Very happy”, Indian. However, he made it very clear what his priority is today: the premiere of Felicidades, which has already sold out its screenings for the next three weeks on the Buenos Aires billboard.

The entire cast of “Congratulations” spoke with Telenoche. (Photo: Captura eltrece)

On the other hand, Suar and Siciliani talked about the challenge of working together again and playing a marriage that is going through a crisis. “We had a great time, it’s been a while since we worked together. Since ‘Without Code’, 2005, many years…”the actor and producer launched about his first project with his girlfriend for almost a decade. “He followed me forever.“, she finished mischievously.

What “Congratulations” is about, the play starring Adrián Suar and Griselda Siciliani

Julián (Adrián Suar) and Felicitas (Griselda Siciliani) are a couple of successful lawyers. On her birthday, he is in charge of organizing the party, but he repeats the same catastrophic mistakes he makes year after year. Unexpectedly, the possibility of separation arises between them.

Perhaps it doesn’t help much that an old high school friend of Felicitas (Jorgelina Aruzzi) and her eccentric boyfriend (Benjamín Vicuña) show up uninvited, nor that, by mistake, Julián has hired a medium (Peto Menahem) to liven up the party. , nor that the house where they live suddenly seems to have a life of its own.

Adrián Suar and Griselda Siciliani will once again be a couple in the theater with the premiere of “Congratulations” (Photo: Press)

Throughout a frenetic night they will have to get rid of lies, family legacies and decide if they want to stay together or not. Are we all trapped in the lives we have created? Is it possible to be happy before it’s too late?

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