The real reason for Marieta’s last tears in ‘Survivors 2024’

The real reason for Marieta’s last tears in ‘Survivors 2024’
The real reason for Marieta’s last tears in ‘Survivors 2024’

The vast majority of ‘Survivors 2024’ contestants have been completely isolated for more than two months and the various low moods begin at a decisive moment in the contest. Marieta (23 years old) joined her colleagues a few weeks later, due to the abandonment due to medical prescription that Zayra Gutiérrez suffered in the reality show. Now the one from Elche has burst into tears after a conversation with her colleagues in which they talked about overcome your fears.

The nursing assistant became the main protagonist of the last season of ‘Temptation Island’. This put her in the spotlight so that she could participate in the complicated coexistence contest, when there were still some recordings to be broadcast of the program that catapulted her to fame. In fact, Alicante has the favor of the audienceat least at the beginning, since the nominations were eliminated at the first opportunity.

The reason for Marieta’s tears in ‘Survivors 2024’

In this Monday’s ‘Ultima Hora’ the contestants were talking about how much the contest has changed them at all levels. There are many who point out that learning is very high and they have spoken about this aspect on the island. In fact, the conversation was directed by the different fears that overcome each of them and they have wanted to focus on everything that Marieta has faced.

“When I leave here I’m leaving with a version of me that I would never have gotten. I would never have faced the fear of the sea, nor would I have eaten fish, fish or taken tests… It is true that in my normal life I would never have achieved that,” reflected the survivor. In fact, she wanted to highlight this learning exercise and the many aspects that she has been able to overcome by entering into this adventure.

At that time, both Kiko Jiménez, Miri Pérez-Cabrero and Rubén Torres have highlighted the evolution of the nursing assistant, since she arrived as one person and will leave as another. In fact, Sofía Suescun’s boyfriend began to say that she came as a girl and now she is leaving as a woman. At that moment, the firefighter also explained everything to him the change that has taken place in the contest and all the things he does now.

It was at that moment when Marieta could not contain her tears and began to cry with emotion. Her colleagues have stood up to hug her and have stated that she had achieved all of this alone. Once again, the one from Elche has once again reflected and reiterated that everything is due to the overcoming many fearsof which she feels proud and that she could not imagine before embarking on her television career.


Marieta, nominated for ‘Survivors 2024’

This week is also a little more complicated for the survivor, since her feelings are on the surface for her. After several weeks without checking if the audience continues to nominate her as one of their big favorites, she has been nominated again. Furthermore, it was the leader Rubén Torres who nominated her directly, alleging that she had betrayed him at a specific moment in the contest.

Furthermore, we are at a decisive moment in reality and the rivals it faces are quite tough and have managed to save yourself from different nominations. On the one hand, there is Pedro García Aguado who, week after week, escapes expulsion. Of the other group, Aurah Ruiz was the one pointed out by her colleagues, while Gorka as the leader decided to point out Blanca Manchón.

The controversial kiss of Marieta and Gorka Ibarguren in ‘Survivors 2024’

In recent weeks the contestant has been the protagonist of a great controversy. Kiko Jiménez revealed a kiss between her great ally and Gorka Ibarguren. At first they both denied it but after a few days, the one who was a participant in ‘Temptation Island’ stated that she had lied and declared that yes there had been a kiss. For his part, the Basque continues to deny that there was such an approach and constantly sends messages to his girlfriend.

In any case, this situation has caused a rift between them. Furthermore, there are many colleagues who have not hesitated to take a stand against Marieta. In fact, last week the former contestant of ‘El Conquistador’ was the first saved of the week, a fact that was seen as support from the audience in this controversy. However, it will be necessary to check if Elche suffers the same fate this week or if, on the contrary, the hearing has sentenced her after ratting out his partner and uncovering this alleged infidelity.

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