new statement from Kensington Palace

new statement from Kensington Palace
new statement from Kensington Palace


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Last March the Princess of Wales, Kate Middletonsilenced global society by issuing a statement in video form in which he said that He had cancer and was receiving chemotherapy.

This sad news, together with the scandals that occurred weeks before with everything related to the photo edited by herself and the statement that King Charles III also suffered from cancer, have made Kate one of the most Googled names of 2024.

From Kensington Palace have issued a statement updating the health status of the Princess of Wales. This statement also includes good news for Kate, which concerns one of the projects in which she is dedicated and that will help many children.

The Royal Early Childhood Foundation It is one of Kate’s most important projects. The charity is focused on raising awareness of the importance of children’s first years of life on adult mental health.

“Kate Middleton is excited about the results achieved”, says his closest circle. And the report they have just presented states that investing in Early Childhood could have an impact of £45 billion on the national economy.

Despite these good data, Kate will not “return to work until cleared by her medical team” But, Christian Guy has stated that the princess was very “excited” by this report and that the campaign about the importance of these early years “continued while she recovers.”

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