Demi Moore spoke about appearing naked in the most applauded film at Cannes 2024

Demi Moore spoke about appearing naked in the most applauded film at Cannes 2024
Demi Moore spoke about appearing naked in the most applauded film at Cannes 2024

In “The Substance,” Demi Moore plays a fading celebrity who uses a drug to replicate cells and create a younger version of herself, played by Margaret Qualley. (Credit: REUTERS/Stephane Mahe/Twitter)

The actress Demi Moore stars in the new body horror film (body horror) The Substance, from acclaimed director Coralie Fargeat. In it, Moore plays a fading celebrity who turns to an illicit drug capable of replicating cells to generate a younger, perfect version of herself, personified by Margaret Qualley.

This film, which has been presented at the Cannes Film Festivalincludes several scenes of complete nudity that Moore described as a “very vulnerable experience” during a recent press conference regarding the premiere.

Moore highlighted that working with Qualley made her feel comfortable during the nude scenes, highlighting the closeness and mutual trust between both actresses. (Credits: REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)

“When starting this project, it became very clear the level of vulnerability and rawness that was required to tell the story”said Moore, 61. “And it was a very vulnerable experience that required a lot of sensitivity and many conversations about what we wanted to achieve,” added the interpreter.

As the actress repeats more than once, in The Substance, Moore and Qualley share particularly sensitive scenes. One of them, for example, shows how Qualley is “created” and Moore spends a considerable time studying her naked body before using the powerful drug.

Moore described the nude scenes in “The Substance” as a “very vulnerable experience” that required a lot of sensitivity and conversation. (Credits: REUTERS/Stephane Mahe)

Demi stressed the importance of having a partner in the scene who made her feel comfortable. “I had someone who was a great companion and with whom I felt very safe. We were pretty close, naked, and we laughed a lot too in those moments when seeing how absurd some situations were,” he explained.

SPOILERS WARNING. As the plot progresses, Moore’s character experiences severe disfigurement. Then, towards the end of the film, Demi takes on an appearance similar to Anjelica Huston’s character in the film. The witches 1990 after its transformation. “It was very strange,” Moore said of seeing herself in the prosthetics, both on set and at the premiere screening.

Moore mentioned that her dog, Pilaf, helped keep it real during filming by recognizing her despite the prosthetics and extreme makeup. (Credits: REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne)

However, not everything was disconcerting for the actress. Moore shared that his dog, pilafwas a source of comfort during filming. “One thing that helped me was that my dog ​​still recognized me. “It was my touch of reality.”, he explained. Recently, Pilaf has captured public attention by appearing alongside Moore in the front row of Gucci’s cruise collection show and posing for photos in Cannes.

The film also features the participation of Dennis Quaid, who described his character as a “jerk” during the press conference. Quaid He dedicated his performance to the late actor Ray Liottawho was initially set to play the role before his death in May 2022.

Dennis Quaid also appears in “The Substance” and dedicated his performance to the late actor Ray Liotta, who was originally going to play his role. (Credits: REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

“In my heart, I dedicated this role to Ray Liotta, who was meant to play it,” Quaid said. “It was this week, two years ago, that he passed away, so I would like to remember him. He was an incredible actor“he added about the star of Good boys.

The premiere of The Substance was well received at Cannes, obtaining a 11 minute standing ovation, the longest so far in this festival. French director Coralie Fargeat discussed in an interview with Variety the film’s feminist themes and how body horror is “the perfect vehicle to express the violence that address all these women’s issues”.

The film “The Substance” received an 11-minute standing ovation at its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the longest of the festival so far. (Credits: Twitter)

With a backdrop of the #MeToo movement at this year’s festival and its expansion into France, Fargeat hopes his film will shed more light on the issue. “Is a small stone in the huge wall we still have to build regarding this question, and to be honest, I hope that my film is also one of the stones in that wall. “That’s really what I intended to do with it,” he said about her film, one of the most promising of this year.

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