The images of the wedding of Javier Hernández, Gonzalo in ‘Dreams of freedom’, with the makeup artist Ika Sánchez

The images of the wedding of Javier Hernández, Gonzalo in ‘Dreams of freedom’, with the makeup artist Ika Sánchez
The images of the wedding of Javier Hernández, Gonzalo in ‘Dreams of freedom’, with the makeup artist Ika Sánchez

The Javier Hernández’s professional career needs no introduction. He is one of the most common and constant faces on the small screen. This actor left his native Barcelona to move to Madrid and at the age of 24 decided to devote himself completely to his acting vocation. He studied interpretation under Juan Codina. and he also trained with a production course at the School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid (ECAM).

A base that, added to his great talent, led him to appear in some of the series and films most loved by viewers, such as ‘Physics or chemistry’, ‘The Boat’ or ‘Love is forever’. One of his latest roles, with which he is achieving great success, is in ‘Sueños de Libertad’, where he plays Gonzalo Muñoz, a factory worker who experiences a lameness and must demonstrate above all and all that is much more than it may seem.

Javier Hernández says ‘I do’ with makeup artist Ika Sánchez

On the social networks of Javier Hernández we can see promotions of his series, films and plays, but also fragments of his private life. This is how we have been able to know all the details of his relationship with Ika Sánchez, a makeup artist and image consultant with whom the actor has been in a relationship for several years and they have a daughter in common, Olivia, who is three years old. The couple, together with the little girl, went to the Single Civil Registry of Madrid, where they said ‘I do’.

Instagram @javierhenandezactor

The happiness for this union has been total and this is how they wanted to share it with their followers. “Who was going to tell me? That it was so easy to be happy“, it can be read, alluding to the famous verse of the song ‘One plus one is seven’ by Fran Perea. In the images shared by the couple we can see them leaving the courthouse, very smiling, and being greeted by a barrage of rice.

Both have opted for simple, but sophisticated and elegant outfits. Javier has opted for a black suit combined with a t-shirt of the same shade, while Ika has chosen loose pants, an off-white t-shirt and a blazer of the same color.

Instagram @javierhernandezactor

The other professional projections of Javier Hernández

Although most of his work has been on the small screen, Javier Hernández has never closed doors. In 2012 he entered be part of the Teatro Meridional company, with whom he performed ‘Romeo, a mountain version of the tragedy of Verona’, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s very famous work. We have also seen him on stage, in 2020, with ‘La Conmoción’, a production by the National Dramatic Center.

There’s still more. In addition to playing various roles himself, he wanted to share his experience and knowledge by dedicating time to teaching. The young man has returned to Juan Codina’s studio, where he himself learned, to give guidelines and advice to new applicants.

Hernández is also a teacher at Mesina Troupe, a school where she offers classes to students of various ages. And not only that. Right now, Javier is in the early stages of what would be his first project as a stage director. A new step that expands his career to other areas.

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